UnLocking The Genetic Secrets to a Longer and Healthier Life.

By ingesting natural plant molecules we can potentially switch genes on and off to benefit from their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and blood sugar- normalizing effects and live longer!

Resveratrol is a gene activating compound is among the polyphenol products that is attracting much attention.

The secrets of genetics to live longer and healthier: ( The Longevity Factor, by Dr Maroon, M.D.)

1.Eat and drink natural foods with the highest polyphenol antioxidant content, such as red wine, grape juice, green tea, dark chocolate, apples, berries and peanuts.

2.Take supplements containing super-concentrated polyphenol and resveratrol from natural resources.

3. Take resveratrol as a dietary supplement.

4.Use a prescription resveratrol-like drug.

Polyphenols and Health:

1. Drink Red Wine:
– Reduces risk of death ( Studies from France, the UK, Finland, Denmark)
– Helps prevent coronary artery disease by reducing LDL(bad) cholesterol and boosting HDL (good) cholesterol.
– Produces anti-clotting action reducing risk of stroke.
– Reduces hardening and narrowing of arteries.
– Lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.
– Decreases risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Note: Quercetin ( another polyphenol) in red wine improves the absorption of resveratrol.

2. Grape Juice :
– Another great source of resveratrol.

3. Green Tea: ( contain catechins)
– Excellent anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects.
– Anti-clotting effect. Green tea catechins prevent stickiness and clotting of blood platelets, reducing risk of stroke and heart attacks.
– Anti-viral and cold prevention effects.
– Helps to control high blood pressure.
– Cancer prevention. Catechins interfere w/ cancer development in all 3 stages.
– Suppress LDL and elevate HDL.
– Control blood glucose levels.
-Help to maintain healthy intestinal flora
– Together w/ caffeine, catechins help accelerate fat burning, contributing to weight loss.
– Inhibits osteoarthritis by reducing inflammation.

4. Dark Chocolate: ( Unsweetened, unprocessed)

– A powerful anti-oxidant.
– Reduces atherosclorosis, reduces risk of heart disease, lowers LDL and triglycerides and elevates HDL.
– Reduces blood clotting ( affects platelet stickiness)
– Improves blood flow.
– Acts as an anti-hypertensive.
– Helps control blood sugar ( enhances effects of insulin).
– Enhance mood ( elevates serotonin and endorphins) and may function as a anti-depressant.

5. Apples:
– Lowers blood pressure.
– Inhibits triglyceride absorption.
– Enhance fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
– Protects colon against free-radical damage.
– Helps prevent bone loss in menopausal women.

The Xeno Diet:

– “Eat Less and Work Out”
– Exercise 60 minutes/day. Incorporate aerobic and strength training.
– Add some type of mindful relaxation each day.
– Reduce your calorie intake and increase your activity level.
– Add xeno factors ( polyphenols and resveratrol) to your diet.
– Subscribe to the 80-20 Rule: 80% of food is plant based and 20% is animal based.
– Eat protein w/ every meal ( The lower on the food chain the better : seaweed-algae-plants-fish-poultry- mammals)
– Eat healthy fats ( unsaturated): fish, fish oil,avocados, olive oil, nuts).
– Eat complex carbs ( fruits, vegetables, whole grains, whole wheat pasta, legumes).
– Avoid simple carbs: ( white rice and bread and processed starches, fructose and sucrose-laced sodas).
– Consume 40-45 grams of fiber each day ( whole grains, leafy greens, beans, lentils, raw vegetables, oatmeal,and fruits).
– Consume some probiotics ( low-fat yogurt which contains L. acidophilous and bifidobacteria)
Drink 2 glasses of red wine each day, 6-8 ounces of grape juice and 2 -5 cups of green tea each day.

– Take a high-potency multivitamin ( 2000IU of Vit D, 400mcg of folate, 1200 mg of calcium, 400mg of magnesium, 1000mg of Vit C, 400mg of Vit E , and daily value of B-complex)
-Omega -3 fatty acids ( fish or fish oil)
– Coenzyme Q10 ( up to 100mg/day)