Microbiome medicine 

Microbiome Medicine Summit 

Get sun

Drink clean water 

Eat real food


Get quality sleep 

Eat Clean 15

Dirty Dozen ( need to be organic )

Dairy / meat needs to be organic grass fed 
Key Supplements:
Vit D3, K2

Magnesium citrate 

B complex 

Full spectrum probiotic ( OrthoBiotics )


Aloe Vera juice 
Key Foods:
Sauerkraut and pickles 


Celery cucumber carrots 




Green leafy vegetables

Apple cider vinegar ( diluted )



Dark chocolate 

Almond / cashew butter 

Almond milk

Rice pasta 

White rice / coconut oil 

Hummus / veggies 


Green smoothies with collagen protein and flax seeds

Greek yogurt / flax/ berries 
Improving your bio terrain: 
 1. Environment of your body 

 2. The way you eat and live 

 3. Your bacteria and thus your immune system needs a good environment to thrive. 
Must do the following:

 ⁃ nutrient dense foods 

 ⁃ Digestive capabilities ( HCL and digestive enzymes )

 ⁃ Stress management 

Probiotics ( Sauerkraut ) ferment to produce lactic acid ( a natural antibiotic ) which is toxic to pathogenic bacteria 
Get rid of: 

 ⁃ Hand sanitizer !!!

 ⁃ Conventional lotions, soaps, toothpaste 
Use essential oils: 
 ⁃ kill pathogenic cells / bacteria 

 ⁃ nourishes healthy microbiome 

 ⁃ Frankensense, peppermint, clove , orange, cinnamon , eucalyptus, lemon , citrus oils 

 ⁃ oils help with breathing / blood flow 

 ⁃ Eucalyptus, lemon, citrus 
Sleep aid 

 ⁃ lavender 
Skin lotion

 ⁃ Coconut oil or butter w/ oils 

 ⁃ Avoid parabens

 ⁃ non detergent based 

 ⁃ Avoid SLS ( sodium lauryl sulfate ) kills mouth microbiome 

 ⁃ Avoid Triclosan ( toxic pesticide )

 ⁃ Avoid Hydrated Silica ( whitener that damages tooth enamel )
Sodium Fluoride 

 ⁃ hormone disrupter 

 ⁃ Destroys microbiome 

 ⁃ Inactivates enzymes

 ⁃ Disrupts immune function and causes genetic mutations.
Skin reacts to toxins and pathogens much like the gut

You get dysbiosis and leaky epidermal problems where the toxins / chemicals penetrate the skin and create an pro-inflammatory response. The response can vary from a small topical reaction to a more complex inflammatory reaction that triggers allergies etc.
Chemical and toxic lotions, sprays, anti bacterial soaps 

 etc are very similar to the effect that antibiotics, food toxins have on the gut. 
Epidermal barrier very similar to the intestinal barrier. Interestingly so is the brain !
New research on topical probiotics ( organic kefir ) in treating the skin dysbiosis to heal psoriasis, eczema , acne 
Need to treat dysbiosis from the inside -out and outside-in
Your microbes talk to your immune system – they protect the epidermal area from UV radiation. 
Microbiome protect the fatty acids in skin ( ceramides)
Antibiotic use especially in utero or with children shuts down the microbiome that is vital to strong immune protection so as to avoid auto immune disease 
Testing – to determine microbiome footprint 
 ⁃ LPS ( lipopolysaccarides)- small amount is good 

 ⁃ Organic Acids ( metabolites of overgrowth bacteria )

 ⁃ D- arabinitol ( alcohol produced from candida )

 ⁃ D- lactate ( high levels indicate carbohydrate malabsorption ). Want to treat dysbiosis first before introducing probiotics 

U biome

American Gut Project

Diagnostic Solutions Labs ( stool)

Doctors Data 

What stimulates leaky gut?

 ⁃ dysbiosis– 

 ⁃ SIBO 

 ⁃ antibiotics 

 ⁃ Glyphosate 

 ⁃ Gluten

 ⁃ Chemical and metal toxins through diet and skin exposure ( lotions, sprays and skin care products that break down dermal microbiome 

 ⁃ Stress and cortisol 

 ⁃ Helps reduce inflammation 

 ⁃ Helps with insulin resistance 

 ⁃ Reduces C reactive protein

 ⁃ Tumor neurosis factor

 ⁃ Helps with brain inflammation 
Need to treat brain and gut together because they are connected 
Food is the best medicine 

Pre and probiotic foods !

 ⁃ VIT D ( optimal blood test = 80-100 nanograms/ ml)

 ⁃ Low Vit D correlated to Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s, MS and autism 
 ⁃ Alpha lipoic acid 

 ⁃ Omega 3’s ( 800-1000mg DHA)

 ⁃ VIT B12

 ⁃ HCL / digestive enzymes 

 ⁃ LPS — lipopolysaccarides blood test ( measure antibodies against LPS: IgG,IgA and IgM indicative of leaky gut !!

 ⁃ Also look at Zonulin and Occludin ( proteins that modulate gut wall integrity )
Mitochondria and microbiome are the keys to good health !!

 ⁃ heart of all disease and dysfunction 

 ⁃ Need to treat root cause not symptoms 

 ⁃ Need to use functional / integrative medicine to attack the problems 

 ⁃ Need to deal with microbiome imbalances, gut wall integrity 

 ⁃ Avoid antibiotics in drugs and foods 

 ⁃ Clean eating 

 ⁃ No gluten 

 ⁃ No GMO’s 

 ⁃ No glyphosate 
Gut Healing 

 ⁃ Lactobacillus planterum – activates the NRf2 pathway ( regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins in fighting inflammation and reducing oxidative stress)

 ⁃ Lactobacillus brevis

 ⁃ Bifidobacterium longum

 ⁃ Bifidobacterium lactis 
These bacteria can alter gene expression !!
 ⁃ Aerobic exercise – changes microbiome

 ⁃ It is epigenetic ( changes gene expression )

 ⁃ Combine with clean eating ( no gluten, GMO’s, refined sugars )

 ⁃ Manage toxin exposure 

 ⁃ Minimize antibiotics
Chronic degenerative conditions ( inflammation based) are outpacing infectious diseases !!
Overall Health 

 ⁃ Reduce sugar – need to manage insulin resistance in body and brain 

 ⁃ Rebalance gut flora / microbiome 

 ⁃ Insulin resistance is a good predictor of amyloid buildup in brain ( Alzheimer’s )

 ⁃ Microbiome controls the dial on inflammation in the body 

 ⁃ The gut is connected to the brain via the vagus nerve 

 ⁃ Sugar feeds the pathogenic bacteria in gut 

 ⁃ Gluten ( huge player ) promotes leaky gut by releasing zonulin which breaks down gut junctions in wall.

 ⁃ Also gluten is a protein that penetrates the gut lining and gets into the blood ( leaky gut). After it accumulates in the body it can trigger an autoimmune response. It’s very similar to other proteins that are found in thyroid and the joints. Hence you get inflammation/ autoimmune response such as Hashimoto’s or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

 ⁃ It’s important when treating autoimmune diseases that we address the gut issues.
Gut Grenades:

 1. Prescription antibiotics: destroy gut microbiome and thus elevated risk of immune dysfunction = cancer/ autoimmune disease 

 ⁃ Also 80% of antibiotics are given to livestock ( chicken and cattle )

 ⁃ Fluoride in drinking water 

 ⁃ Sanitizer and cleaning products.

 2. Foods:

 ⁃ processed sugar 

 ⁃ Gluten 

 3. Good Foods: 

 ⁃ bone broth ( chicken): proline for gut lining, glutamine and glycine for liver detox and MSM for tissue repair. Very easy to digest !
 ⁃ Healthy fats ( coconut oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, greens, fermented vegetables, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, flax seeds, onions, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, celery.

 ⁃ Collagen protein smoothies( w/ coconut milk, berries, flax, avocado, banana). 

 4. Supplements: 

 ⁃ Probiotics 

 ⁃ D3/K2

 ⁃ B complex 

 ⁃ Curcumin 
 5. Raw local Honey ( great for allergies – natural immunisation )

 6. Walk barefoot in dirt ( exposure to microbes)

 7. Sea water – microphage and bacteriophage bacteria great for gut. We need some fungi and viruses as well that aren’t pathogenic. Some E. coli is good and lives in small intestine. 
SIBO – lack of HCL in stomach. Poor digestion. Food doesn’t break down. 

Bacteria grow in small intestine.   
Candida – want to dry gut

No bananas or wheat products.

Add cold fermented foods 
Bloating – slow down

Always in a hurry. High cortisol. 

Probiotics, collagen protein.

Get off computer.

Go for a walk or hike. 

Schedule in relaxation. 

 8. Essential oils 

 ⁃ Intermittent fasting: giving digestion a break 
 ⁃ Ex: Bread is also high glycemic food that triggers insulin resistance ( higher than table sugar )

 ⁃ We need to eat for ourselves and our gut bacteria 

 ⁃ We are all the same 
Butyrate promotes neurogenesis in brain ! 

 ⁃ regulates BDNF protein 

 ⁃ bolsters immunological function 

 ⁃ Improves insulin sensitivity 

 ⁃ Short chained fatty acid 

 ⁃ Great for colon health 
Health screening 

 1. Gut function : bloating, gas, constipation, etc. 

 2. Antibiotic use

 3. Food sensitivity / allergies?

 4. Joint / muscle pain

 5. Headaches / migraines

 6. Previous infections 

 7. Chronic fatigue 

 8. Need for caffeine in am  

 9. Consumption of wheat, sugar, soy, dairy 

 10. Skin conditions 

Nitric oxide in gut indication of inflammation in gut 

It produces nitrates that feed pathogenic bacteria 
Combined with toxic foods and stress – high impact on microbiome 
Fighting Inflammation 
-Berbereine – powerful anti inflammatory herb also lowers sugar and insulin 

 ⁃ Anti inflammatory diet : healthy fats, no processed foods and sugar, no GMO’S

 ⁃ Immune function guided by 100 trillion bacteria in gut lining 
Need to introduce more plant based foods and bioflavonoids 

Ex: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, oily fish, coconut oil
Metabolic endotoxemia – weight gain due to gut inflammation brought on by poor diet 
Permeable gut = increase in LPS circulation.
Need to be careful with fermented foods if someone has SIBO ( bacteria in small intestine -where it shouldn’t be ) – don’t want to add to condition. Ex – don’t add Kombucha ( too much yeast )

    Don’t want to add fermented foods if they are bloated – may need to add botanicals like oregano or berberine first 
Food needs to be gene and gut smart 
Plant based fiber foods build diversity and healthy microbiome 
Microbiome convert fiber to butyric acid – very important in colon health 
Butyrate- found in dietary fiber ( short chained fatty acid ) helps with gut permeability integrity 

Also a potent anti inflammatory in immune cells 

Brain – gut connection 

Bi directional relationship 

Our thoughts influence our microbiome and vice versa !!
Huge diversity in gut – very essential ( bacteria, fungus, viruses etc )
Lactobacillus planterum – real leader in the gut !
We also have viruses and Protozoa that are healthy 
 ⁃ Microbiome control our cravings, moods, and gene expression ! 

 ⁃ Very powerful epigenetic impact !

    – We have 23000 genes 

       Microbiome have trillions 

Beer and wine – high yeast factor 

If you have SIBO or candidiasis it will inflame your system – just feeding yeast to grow and create immune response !
Body Ecology Diet 

 ⁃ Gene smart 

 ⁃ Gut smart 

 ⁃ Gluten free

 ⁃ No sugar 
SIBO diagnosis 

 ⁃ take Bifidus infantis and inulin 

 ⁃ No fermented foods until SIBO is corrected 

 ⁃ Then take lactobacillus planterum
Most bacteria should be living in colon !
Healing Movement – starter culture at WF
Sour ( sauerkraut ) dampens desire for sugar !!!
Grains should be soaked to rid them of phytic acid and eat with vegetables ( alkaline )
Grains are good fiber and calming to nervous system 
Keep oxalates low – to avoid kidney stones 

 ⁃ nuts

 ⁃ Soy 

 ⁃ Whole wheat bread 

 ⁃ Chocolate 

 ⁃ Spinach ( highest level)

 ⁃ Cranberries 

 ⁃ Beer 

 ⁃ Beets 

 ⁃ Beans 

 ⁃ Oranges

 ⁃ Add more calcium to diet to prevent kidney stones 

 ⁃ Reduce Vit C ( no more than 500 mg)

 ⁃ Drink 8-10 glasses of water 

 ⁃ Add lemon 

 ⁃ Moderate protein intake 

 ⁃ looks like yeast 

 ⁃ Has glyphosate !

 ⁃ Triggers immune response 

 ⁃ Leads to auto immune disorders 
Take Away 

 1. Eat more healthy fats

 ⁃ coconut oil

 ⁃ Olive oil

 ⁃ Grass fed butter 

 ⁃ Flax seeds / oil ( better than chia seeds)
 2. Manage dietary sugar 

 ⁃ stevia ( add to water w/ lemon )

 3. Eat fermented foods 

 ⁃ great for microbiome

 ⁃ Helps digest fats / proteins 
Essential Oils

 ⁃ peppermint ( great for athletic performance – better respiration and recovery and reducing inflammation)

 ⁃ Clove ( highest ORAC)

 ⁃ Orange ( add to pelagrino water plus Stevia – great drink)

 ⁃ Frankensense 

 ⁃ Myrrh. 
Want to dilute the oils first in honey or coconut oil 

Can add oils to a capsule and ingest – put in gel cap and take immediately