Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue  ⁃ be careful with saliva tests 

 ⁃ HPA axis dis regulation 

 ⁃ HPA AXIS – key 

 ⁃ Governs reaction to stress 

 ⁃ Very impacted by stress 

 ⁃ Cortisol is key hormone 

 ⁃ Homeostasis disturbed in stress 

 ⁃ Blood pressure , blood sugar are all affected 

4 key drivers 

 ⁃ perceived stress 

 ⁃ Blood sugar dis regulation 

 ⁃ Circadian disruption ( 24 hr rhythm ) — blue light, travel and jet lag, sleep deprivation and lack of vitamin D ( sunlight )

 ⁃ Inflammation of any kind ( stresses HPA axis ) including microbiome issues, food allergies , food and chemical toxin exposure
Adrenal fatigue

 ⁃ not a sound concept about how adrenals stop producing cortisol and DHEA

 ⁃ HPA dysfunction is the key 

 ⁃ Not actually low cortisol 
BRAIN – key not just adrenals 

 ⁃ cellular resistance to cortisol 

 ⁃ decreased receptivity to cortisol !!!

 ⁃ Hence cortisol stays high 
Saliva tests 

 ⁃ limited to free cortisol 

 ⁃ Not best marker 

 ⁃ Most is secreted in urine as metabolite 
Dutch Urine Test 

 ⁃ Precision analytical lab

 ⁃ Best test 

 ⁃ “Dried urine total cortisol hormone test ”

 ⁃ Eliminates discrepancies 

 ⁃ Most accurate test 
Brain and local tissue response is what drives cortisol problems not just the adrenals !!
HPA axis dysfunction 

 1. Perceived Stress

 2. NUTS:

 3. new, unpredictable, threat sense of what’s happening to us 

 4. Envirnonmental:

 ⁃ circadian disruption 

 ⁃ Blood sugar disruption

 ⁃ Lack of exercise 

 ⁃ Inflammation – cytokines can raise cortisol levels. The body pumps up cortisol to deal with inflammation. If the inflammation is chronic – cortisol keeps getting released. This leads to cortisol resistance or down regulation of HPA axis. 
Stress Response 


Sleep deprivation 

Poor memory 

Brain fog

Postural hypotension 

Cold and flus


Cold hands and feet

Tachycardia in am 
Chronic disease affected by HPA axis regulation: 



Chronic fatigue syndrome 

Gut microbiome – inflammation – HPA axis involved – inflammation – continuous cycle 

Thoughts – huge player on stress response. It’s how the stress is perceived. Is it a threat or a challenge ?
Sense of urgency is a factor – do we need to address it right away ? Can it wait ?

Expand your time horizon.
Recognize that not all stress is harmful. 

Diet and lifestyle changes to help HPA axis:
Reduce these 

 ⁃ diet 

 ⁃ blood sugar

 ⁃ Exercise ( over or under )

 ⁃ Sleep deprivation 

 ⁃ Negative thoughts

 ⁃ Lack of relationships 

 ⁃ Money problems 

 ⁃ Unresolved conflicts 
 1. Dutch Urine Test 

 ⁃ total cortisol 

 2. NUTS 

 3. Using strategies that quiet sympathetic nervous system- meditation / deep breathing. 

 4. Diet, sleep , social support, exercise 

 5. Often people lack knowledge and motivation. 
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