Reaching and Solidifying Your Goals

For most of us, a goal is the endpoint of a desired action or behavior. Reaching a desired goal is never guaranteed. Achievement is obviously the objective and below are a few tactics and suggestions that may improve those odds.1. Be Flexible – When sudden changes in your plan occur, stress damage control. Discover alternatives to minimize the impact of the problem, and be open to new opportunities. Many solutions can be found in second and third options.2. Accept Responsibility – When things get challenging and difficult people often tend to blame others or circumstances for lack of progress. Instead of becoming defensive and looking for blame, re-group and re-focus your energy to solving the problem.3. Strive for Balance – Prioritize your time and efforts, especially if working towards several goals. Adjust your focus and time spent based on its importance.

4. Ask for Help – A key to goal achievement is building networks with others. Identify those individuals that can help you reach your objectives, and ask for their assistance. You might be surprised how many people are willing to step up and help.

5. Think Long, Think into the Future – Keep track of your ultimate objective. Reaching short-term goals leads to long-term success. Staying focused on the benefits of achieving your goal, will increase your motivation. Keep visualizing your outcome and stay clear on the process that will lead to your desired goal.

6. Establish Compatible Goals – Competing goals can leave you exhausted and stressed. When goals conflict with each other, they compete for your time, energy and personal resources.

7. Minimize Interruptions – Stay on track. Commitment and follow-through are critical to success.

8. Review and Check – Reviewing your goals helps to identify the progress you have made, and furthermore, provides an opportunity to ensure you are on track.

9. Chart Setbacks and Progress – Success is not only what we accomplish but also what we overcome. We cannot progress and grow unless we examine our mistakes. Analyze your mistakes and learn from them. Once a week, look over your efforts ask yourself the following questions:
– Are you using your time and energy wisely to reach your objectives.
– What are your strengths in reaching short-term goals?
– How can you maximize your strengths in reaching long-term objectives?
– How can you convert weaknesses into strengths?

10. Be Prepared – Ask yourself if you are willing to make short-term sacrifices to reach long-term objectives. Rate your objectives and be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve those you rate with high priority.

11. Expect Some Roadblocks and Problems. Not every road is paved smoothly. Tackle each problem as soon as you encounter it. To be a successful goal – achiever you must be a good problem solver. Stay alert and calm.

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