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*  We offer a dynamic and integrative mind-body approach in guiding you toward your optimal health and fitness goals.

Set yourself up for success by gaining clarity and direction through wellness coaching.

*  Identify and overcome your emotional, psychological and physical barriers to success by developing a consistent and abundant mindset.

* Learn how to become a creative, resourceful and whole person by creating a wellness action plan.

* Discover how a small-step approach facilitates long-term goal attainment.

* Tap into your inner-athlete by accessing the powers of the mind-body connection.

* Learn how this synergy can lead to excellence in sports, health and life.

* Learn how  restorative sleep, proper nutrition, stress management and exercise work synergistically to facilitate healthy aging and promote longevity.

* Epigenetics: how altering gene expression can influence and direct aging and longevity.

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Genetic Testing and Toxicity

We are all exposed to a variety of toxic compounds and chemicals on a daily basis. Whether it is from air pollution,  industrial chemicals and metals found in water and cleaning products, food toxins from pesticides, GMO’s, engineered wheat, processed foods, molds, vaccines, pharma drugs, antibiotics, etc. – the toxic burden  is enormous. This toxic … Continue reading Genetic Testing and Toxicity

Genetics and Blood Sugar Regulation 

Blood sugar regulation and insulin resistance affects a huge population of people. It’s been estimated that in the US alone about 25% of the population has insulin resistance. It’s also been determined that this defect leads to among others, damage to the lining of blood vessels which puts an individual at risk for heart disease … Continue reading Genetics and Blood Sugar Regulation 

Microbial Genetics and the Inner Ecosystem

We are in fact more microbial than human. While there are only 23,000 human genes discovered, there exists millions of microbial or bacterial genes. The microbial bacterial genes in the gut might be the most influential on our inherited genes and thus our health and well being. As such, the gut bacteria or microbiome that … Continue reading Microbial Genetics and the Inner Ecosystem

Epigenetics: You cannot change your genes but you can change their expression 

It was once thought that are our genes were our destiny. Our inherited genes would lay out a path from which our destiny and thus longevity would be pre – determined. Fast forward to today and the growing body of scientific evidence to challenge this belief.  In fact, our inherited genes only play a smart … Continue reading Epigenetics: You cannot change your genes but you can change their expression 

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