Wellness and Performance Coaching

Coaching is a process that allows you to gain clarity and purpose in identifying and developing reasonable goals, identifying obstacles and creating strategies to achieve success and a balanced life. You expand your capacity and understanding in taking effective action to reach desired health and fitness goals. You discover and develop the necessary tools, structure and support for creating greater and sustainable energy and higher levels of performance. Learn to release judgments and assumptions – allowing you to create new possibilities. The more you can suspend judgements the more you can learn and grow. Coaching topics include:

  • How to implement  and integrate visualization and imagery skills in achieving your optimal health and fitness goals.
  • Learn the small-steps approach to successful behavioral change and creating life-balance.
  • How embracing time and stress management skills can lead to greater efficiency, productivity and higher levels of performance in work, sports and life.
  • How to safely and effectively increase your metabolic function by combining proper nutrition with an individually-tailored fitness program.
  • Explore the power of the gut-brain connection and the power of a healthy microbiome.
  • How to build a strong and resilient immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and neurological system.
  • Why sleep is so critical to the aging process.

Individual Coaching Rates:

  • $150.00 per session (60 min)
  • Package of 10 sessions $1400.00
  • Package of 20 sessions $2700.00
  • Group and workshop packages also available
Wellness Coaching Client Agreement (.doc)