I had always admired Philip Bergman for his positive thinking, insights and compassion. He was a fixture in the D.C. triathlon scene for years and very respected. While we would often have great discussions about various training topics, I’d never really thought about having him coach me. In fact, in over 15 years of pretty successful endurance racing, I never had a coach. But in 2012 I was struck by a car while out cycling. I endured months of initial rehab followed by 2 surgeries and long recoveries. This all followed a prior missed season of racing due to a DVT.  After three years away from real training and racing and facing new physical limitations, I was uncertain and afraid. I did not know how to make the switch from physical therapy to training. I did not know if I could run well again, if at all. Additionally, I didn’t know if I would ever get back to the level of fitness and success I had before my illness and injuries. One day, completely frustrated and overwhelmed , I just closed my eyes and asked myself to envision who in the world could best help me to get back on track. Out of the countless pros, gurus and coaches I know of, Philip’s face stood out in my mind. Over the course of the next six months he thoughtfully and skillfully guided me. He challenged me but always provided the tools to meet those challenges. He was immensely supportive and encouraging. He was open to my feedback and flexible in designing my program. The results are beyond what I expected.

In 3 spring races I brought home 2 first place trophies! Most importantly, he nurtured my body and spirit, giving me the confidence to train hard but within myself and to race with joy. I am so thankful for those gifts. If you are looking for a coach who will fully engage with and challenge you, who will help you become a better athlete and better person, then Philip is your coach.

Barry Holman, CEO and Founder of Athletes Without Limits



In training with Philip, I have significantly improved as a competitive triathlete and cyclist. I am stronger and more confident in my abilities. Philip has helped me to develop physically and mentally to become more fit and competitive and to raise all aspects of my athleticism to a higher level.

—M Hayworth, Attorney and Triathlete

Philip has been called one of the best trainers in the DC/VA/MD area , with good reason. During the 6 years that I have know him I have watched him train and coach wounded warriors, with missing limbs and afflicted with PTSD and TBI, for triathlon, 50+ women reshape their bodies, 60 + men train for road and triathlon races , and even 70 + year olds to maintain an active lifestyle. Philip has the ability to work with any individual who wants to strive for greatness. He has helped me in so many ways – writing a monthly training program, correcting my biomechanics and introducing me to new training ideas to help me reach my target goals. Whether your fitness goals are small or large, I would highly recommend him as personal trainer or wellness coach.

—Jodi Scholes, Business Coach and Speaker

This year (2007) has been one to remember. At first, I wanted to train for a sprint triathlon, lose body fat and gain some lean muscle mass. I worked hard with Philip and where did I end up? Now at the age 50, I am proud to say I have completed an Ironman Triathlon. When I got started, in 2003,I could have never imagined I could accomplish such an amazing challenge. Thanks to Philip for keeping me focused and helping me look young, feel healthy and achieve more than I thought I could!

—Karen Foer, Business Owner

I have been a runner for most of my adult life. It was not until I started training with Philip that I not only improved my running times, but I also ran injury free for the first time while training for a marathon. Philip helped me accomplish my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon with speed work, endurance running and mental visualization. Oftentimes, athletes focus on a specific time goal and they forget to live in the moment and use the mind to help achieve that goal. I learned the importance of that mind body connection while working with Philip and used it to help me run a personal best at Boston.

—Elise Museles, Marathoner

Using a combination of personal training and lifestyle coaching, Philip has helped me reach and achieve my full health and fitness potential.

—Jeff Tobias, FCC Lawyer,
Bethesda, MD

Working with Philip makes me feel stronger, healthier and more confident that I can deal with whatever happens. When I had hip replacement surgery, I worked with Philip to strengthen the hip until I was able to take a strenuous mountain hiking trip. When my daughter challenged me to do an AIDS ride, Philip turned me into a 70 year-old cyclist.

—Alice Rivlin, Economist,
Washington, DC

As a cardiac surgeon, I am impressed with Philip’s knowledge of physiology and his creativity in designing programs which push clients at all levels of fitness and ability to maximum effort without causing injury.

—Dr. Paul Corso, Cardiac Surgeon,
Washington, DC

Philip has added a whole new dimension to my training and life known as balance. I have achieved a new level of fitness previously thought unattainable due to my hectic schedule. As a surgeon-athlete, I have included more energy, innovation and optimism in both my professional and family life.

—Dr. Rocco Armonda, Neurosurgeon and Ironman
Triathlete, Bethesda, MD

Philip’s knowledge of nutrition, stress management and motivational techniques have guided me toward many positive lifestyle changes. Philip is trained in biomechanics and is skilled at rehabilitation exercise — he has helped me recover the use of muscles disabled after a spinal disk problem and corrective surgery. My doctor has been delighted at my progress.

—Leanne Tobias, Portfolio Manager,
Washington, DC

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