Functional Integrative Training

Functional Integrative Training is a multi-faceted, mind- body approach where the client learns to integrate a variety of tools as they strive for optimal health and fitness. You will be guided in understanding how your body functions and moves, how the mind influences your movement patterns (neuro-muscular facilitation) and how to correct any imbalances and inefficiencies as you move towards ageless vitality.


We review your current fitness level with:

  • Fitness Testing and Evaluations
  • Health Risk Appraisal
  • Nutritional and Metabolic Profiling
  • Postural and Bio-mechanical Analyses
  • Core and Muscle Activation Techniques

One-on-One/Group Training:

  • Exercise Design for Total Body Fitness and Metabolic Enhancement
  • Functional Integrative (Mind-Body) Training and Sport-Specific Conditioning
  • Post-Cardiac and Orthopedic Rehab Training
  • Injury and Burnout Prevention for Sports and Recreational Activities

One-on-One Training Hourly:
$120:00- $150:00 per session
(10- and 20-session packages available)

Group training rates vary depending on number of participants.