Making Time for Fitness

Over the 30 years that I have been in the fitness industry one thing I have heard countless times is: ” I have no time to workout” or I have too many obligations and something has to give” Time is a precious commodity. We all have busy schedules and commitments that occupy our time.  Making time for fitness requires an understanding how important it truly is. We give priority to things that we feel are important. This may require that you re-program your thinking and beliefs. Working out does not come naturally to those who have never been fit or have played sports. We are a product of our environment and up-bringing. As we get older and acquire more responsibilities, we often put our personal needs and concerns aside.  Our career and families tend to occupy a lot of our time.  Well, I am here to tell you it is time to change!!

I hear so often “I don’t have the time or at least I cannot find an hour to workout”.  We are all so conditioned to focus on our families and careers. Days get full from the time we wake to the time we go to bed.  So, how it is possible with a packed schedule to make time to workout?   Below are some suggestions and some facts that may help you to re-program your thinking and facilitate a change.

1. You need to schedule your workout in your day. Write it down in your calendar.

2. Workouts DO NOT have to last an hour!!!  Research indicates that even 15-20 min of exercise is very beneficial in helping to fight disease and aging. Varying the workouts ( strength, cardio, yoga, circuit training, pilates or some creative combo of any of these) make it fun and stimulating.

3. If morning does not work try mid-day or evening. There is always some time to workout – you just need to make the time!!

4. Train with a partner, work with  a trainer or join a small group to build accountability and commitment.

5. Get the kids involved. Walk or run with baby joggers and if they are old enough have them ride a bike along side.

6.  Understand that making fitness a priority has so many benefits – it will give you the energy and stamina to do all the things that are so important to you – your family, your work and any sports that you may participate in.

7. Our bodies like regularity. We are creatures of habit. Once exercise becomes habit, you will not want to miss it. It takes about 30 days to form a new habit so be patient but stay focused on making this happen.

8. Do not get stressed and feel guilty if you miss your workouts. Simply, re-boot and re-commit!!

9. If you absolutely have work that needs to be done or you want to catch up on the news then perhaps you can combine them with working out ( ride a bike / walk on a treadmill).

10. Make it fun!!  The more pleasure that you associate with working out the more you will stick with it.