Cancer: the Real Truth

Cancer Truth:

The following are excerpts that were taken from a great series on cancer – specifically looking at the real facts about the problems with conventional treatments for cancer and exploring detailed and scientifically backed strategies using natural medicine. It explores many non-toxic therapies that truly address the root cause behind cancer – a compromised immune system. Cancer is not a death sentence. It can not only be prevented but cured. If you are educated with the facts and understand you have options, you can take back control and live cancer- free.

Some facts: Chemo and traditional treatments.

• Chemo therapy destroys bone marrow where immune cells form ( leukocytes) also known as white blood cells ( WBC’s) which are essential to fighting infection and foreign invaders in the body.
• The immune system is key to preventing and fighting cancer. Without a strong immune system our bodies are vulnerable to attack and toxicity.

• Treatment or conventional medicine is big business. Unfortunately, most treatments (the reality of most traditional medicine) deal with only symptoms not the underlying cause.
• Oncologists ( similar to other doctors in the medical industry) get kickbacks from prescribing their preferred drugs and therapies of choice: in this case chemo and radiation. Oncology, in fact, is a very lucrative business.

Some Facts:

• Chemo only suppresses cancer.
• It kills the daughter cells and leaves stem cells alone.
• After chemo, cancer can come back more aggressively due to the fact the treatments are so harmful to the body and immune system (as mentioned above).
• Cancer thrives on a weak and compromised body. Cancer develops and progresses when our immune system is not working. Later I will discuss how cancer thrives and spreads and what interventions really work to stop and end its progression.

• Doctors get reimbursed for prescribing the drugs ( really a kickback) from big pharma. As you will see later, there is little to no financial gain for prescribing natural medicine and no insurance reimbursement.

• Most patients believe in their doctors and that they are the ultimate authority. In doing so, many have relinquished control of many important decisions regarding the most important aspect of their lives – their health. Doctors often use fear tactics that push the patient into conventional treatments without ever suggesting other alternative modalities. How often do patients hear: ” We must start chemo / radiation or surgery immediately.” Or: “You have only a certain number of months left !”
• As such, they are instilling fear in their patients. Fear drives people into a desperate mindset. That mindset not only weakens a person’s resolve, and as you will see later, further weakens their immune function. It’s never advisable to solely make an emotionally based decision when it comes to your health and life. Decisions of this magnitude need to be based on clarity, evaluating options and understanding the long term risks and, most importantly, serve your health and longevity needs.

• The agencies that were designed to protect us ( FDA) from the industry that were built to help us are ineffectual and protect the pharma companies.
• Drug companies spend billions to figure how to get passed FDA to get approval for synthetic drugs.
• Both the drug and food companies are powerful entities that drive policy and shape laws which protect them.

• There’s no profit in turmeric or garlic !!

• Much of the medical, and therefore, health care system is rigged. Integrity, morality and effective medicine take a backseat to profits.

• If you follow conventional medicine you are at the mercy of the doctors, unless you find a physician who accepts or is willing to consider alternative and adjunct therapies. In most cases you are simply addressing the symptoms and not the underlying causes.
• Cancer treatments mimic other non- integrative treatments. You have high blood pressure you get a beta blocker. High blood sugar a diabetes drug. GERD and you get an acid blocker. Insomnia and you get a sleep drug, etc!!
• The reality is there are healthier and effective protocols that can be implemented whether you a have an early or late stage cancer diagnosis or just simply want to prevent its occurrence.

The Power of Big Pharma!

• Drugs are pulled off market right before patent expires.

• Drug companies hire ghost writers to write articles then go to doctors to get their names put on them then these are submitted and printed in prestigious journals.

• It’s a “pay to play game.”

• The pharma industry, and in truth the whole medical system, profits from keeping people sick.

• Big Pharma has been in this game for a long time.

• Concentration camps ( Auswitch) were built by the nazis to provide slave labor to the pharma companies ( Bayer and BASF).
• These companies were financing the rise of the nazis to power.
• One of the biggest Nurnberg tribunals was against big pharma.
• Big pharma makes its money through patents.
• Patent medicines don’t belong in human bodies.
• Big pharma are holders of patents. You do the math !

• Can’t patent nature – that’s why there’s so little money in natural medicine.

• Plant based medicine is cheaper, less toxic and more effective and you don’t have to pay patent fees.

• Can’t patent Vit D and sunshine but can patent a drug!

• Nature to be commanded must be obeyed.

• Truthfully, the real war on cancer is a turf war to protect profits.

• The FDA and AMA help suppress all the findings of natural medicine and label it quackery, further pushing individuals toward conventional treatment medicine.

• “Standard of care” has eliminated natural medicine.

• You give people chemo and they die – it’s acceptable and the cancer was too strong.
• You give them natural medicine and they live, it is discounted since it’s not part of the standard of care !

• A very close friend of mine who had a long and very financially rewarding career in Big pharma told me: “They are in the business to make money and keep share holders happy.”

Episode 2: What is Cancer?

• Cancer is abnormal cell growth. Once the growth process starts it becomes highly resistant to reversal.

• Tumor growth is the suppression of the immune system developing over time. The goal of a cancer cell is to become immortal.

• Cancer cells are produced all of the time in the body. They can form in one area then migrate to other tissue before you know its there!

• Because of this, cancer cells are immune to regular biological controls. This is why your immune system plays such a critical role.

• Cancer cells like to move and metastisize. They seek out vulnerable cells and tissue.

• 9 out of 10 patients die from metastisis of cancer growth not the primary cancer.

• Key to stopping cancer is correcting the communication between cells and tissue – not blasting the primary site.

• Cancer is in fact the malexpression of your DNA.

• It’s not an invader! Need to heal by becoming whole not by destroying the cancer. 3 therapies ( chemo, radiation and surgery ) only treat symptoms not the cause.

• Need to orchestrate healing by rebuilding immune system not just blasting the tumor.

• 18% are caused by viruses.
• 28% are caused by obesity.
• The rest are caused by toxins and pathogens, faulty immune and hormone function.

• Insulin resistance plays a huge role. As discussed later, elevated glucose in the blood triggers an insulin response, and also feeds the growth of cancer cell activity.

• Research indicates that Intermittent fasting and a Ketogenic diet (low in refined sugars and carbohydrates) might be the single best way to deal with insulin resistance.


• Genetics only play a small role (10% ) in getting cancer.

• Epigenetcs play a huge role in turning on and off of cancer genes. A properly functioning immune system and body depend on this.

• Epigenetics could be described as the software that runs the computer. The better the software the better the hardware functions. The better the software and the hardware are protecting the healthier and moe efficient the system functions.

• How you live your life controls 90% of cancer gene expression vs genetics which control 10% !

• Epigenetics (gene expression) are impacted and controlled by food, toxins, sleep, stress, physical activity and mindset. Epigenetics have taught us that our bodies have amazing regenerative capabilities if given the chance.

• Breast cancer is a major concern for woman. The BRCA genes have gotten a lot of attention.

• BRCA genes are actually protective genes unless they mutate (toxins, radiation, foods). This a great example of epigenetics (the altering of gene biology).

• So little money is spent on prevention. If we truly employed preventive measures (stopping disease before it takes hold) the whole medical and healthcare industry as we know it would be turned upside down!

• In truth, mammograms cause breast cancer – due to exposure of ionizing radiation. Yet most woman don’t know there are healthier options! As you will see later there are better options!

Epigenetics – turning on or off of gene expression may hold the real key to preventing and treating life-changing diseases like cancer.

7 essentials
1. Food is medicine

• Nutrient- dense and organic food sources hold enormous medicinal value.

• 2. Detoxing
• You don’t get cancer then get sick.
• You are sick and then get cancer.

• 3. Need to balance your energy – exercise , sleep , body work, meditation.

• 4. Heal your emotional wounds– let go of the past and forgive. There’s a growing body of evidence that emotions play a huge role in epigenetics.

• 5. Look at biological dentistry (remove amalgam fillings).

• 6. Plant based micro nutrients, vitamins and supplements provide excellent functional nutrition support.

• 7. Early prevention – blood tests ( cancer profile: HCG hormones , PHI hormones, TK1 enzymes, oncoblock tests).

• Much safer than mammography.
• Can be done frequently. It is digital infared technology detecting cancer of the breast.
• Detects neo angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation).
• Breast cancer – very slow developing 8-10 yrs to get a pea size tumor.
• Thermography picks up the heat created by early blood vessel creation !

Endocrine Function
• Cancer cells have many insulin receptors cells and hence love sugar !
• Key to fighting cancer is your immune system and your gut microbiome.
Hormones don’t cause cancer but damaged to them can be a factor. The following can impair endocrine function. ( environmental: pesticides, metals, GMO’s, etc)

– Are foreign estrogens that behave as endocrine disrupters.
– Pesticides and herbicides act like hormones. These create hormone driven cancers.
– Many cancers have estrogen receptors ( pancreatic, colon, lung).

Common xenoestrogens:

• BPA’s, phthalates, PCB’s, parabens (skin care preservatives), food dyes, BHA ( food preservative), insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, chlorine, alkylphenol (cleaning detergents).

Essential Oils:
• Aromotherapy holds great promise in treatment and prevention.

• Essential oils balance the hormones ( plant chemicals).

• Peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus. They inhibit angiogenesis and metastatic activity and promote apoptosis (cancer cell death).

• Frankensense is a very powerful antioxidant and anti -inflammatory. Effective against colon, ovarian and breast cancers. Also used in brain cancers because it’s molecules are so small and can pass the blood brain barrier (also effective against Alzheimer’s).

• Turmeric also works well with these essential oils.

• Myrrh – great for liver detox.

• Great body lotion (myrrh, frankensense, coconut oil) and put this around neck area. Also use sandalwood and lavender.
• Put frankensense on roof of mouth for fast absorption.

• Essential oils, probiotics, fermented foods, phtyonutrient antioxidants make for very powerful medicine.

• BEC-5 which is found in Devils apple plant and eggplant and very potent cancer fighter (skin cancer ) and targets only cancer cells.

Episode 3: Natural Medicine
• Chemo and radiation kill daughter cells not the stem cells.

• Chemo shrinks the cancer tumor.

• Primary tumor creates circulating tumor cells which travel through body and metastisize.

• The common occurrence or re-occurrence of cancer 5 yrs later is from the circulating tumor stem cells.

• Need to hydrate, oxygenate and nutritionally support the areas whereby the circulating tumor cancer (CTC) cells cannot survive because they will show up in other areas and organs.

Botanical Medicine

• Tumeric ( curcumin) resveretrol, quercetin, green tea ( Polyphenols) targets the CTC’s.

• These are produced by organic plants ( unaffected by pesticides) and work selectively on the stem cells by turning inflammation off and controlling insulin resistance and turning on apoptosis ( suicide of cancer cells).

If you stop chronic inflammation you can stop cancer !!

• Loaded with iron, chlorophyll , Vit B17
Raw Juicing
• Live foods nourish the body
• Lemon, ginger, greens, banana, pineapple, cucumber, celery, carrots
• Loaded with phtyonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes.

Essiac Tea ( Whole Foods)

Real Truths:

• Natural medicine is not patentable – hence no big profits !!!

• Most physicians don’t know the science is there on natural medicine!!

• Physicians no so little about natural medicine.

• They go to seminars sponsored by big pharma and read journals who are totally supported by big pharma.

• If you are using or going to use conventional treatments ( chemo and radiation) it is imperative to support the body, specifically, the immune system with non- toxic and natural medicine!

• pesticide tolerant.
• Herbicide ready.
• Makes genes in plants and foods more resistant to bacteria.
• Our bodies cannot digest and breakdown GMO’s and these also turn on and off genes.
• Used in the following crops: corn, soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets.
• Round Up herbicide is sprayed on these crops ( contains glycosphate).
• Is a carcinogen and endocrine disrupter that kills healthy gut bacteria leaving an overgrowth of bad bacteria which causes leaky gut and is a leading cause of colorectal cancer.
• Also damage CYP enzymes needed for detoxification.
• Creates magnesium deficiency (low magnesium creates a carcinogenic environment).

• Genetically modified or engineered foods can alter the DNA of our gut bacteria.

• Cows treated with GM bovine growth hormone produce milk that’s high in IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) which has been linked to cancer.

• GMO’s cross pollinate and their seeds can travel. This threatens organic and non -GMO farmers.

• GMO’s are herbicide tolerant.

• We need to rehabilitate the soil first ! Grow more organic foods and we can stop growing GMO foods.

• Gluten free movement started to rid the industry of GMO wheat !

• GMO free labeling still not a law – as consumers we have the right to know.

• GMO companies are fighting to keep legislation that prevents the labeling.
Rigvir viral therapy:

• Very effective at binding to receptor sites on cancer cells making them available to natural killer cell destruction.
• No side effects with this therapy.

Episode 4: Excitotoxins and Cancer Fuels

• We have a food industry that pays no attention to health and a health industry that pays no attention to food !

• No financial gains in prevention. All of us need to be better educated on our options and realize we are our best health advocate.

• All the money is in treating symptoms.

• Everyone in the health care system makes money off of people being and staying sick !

• Food industry mimics the drug industry.

• The healthcare industry is a $2.7 trillion business. Both the food and drug companies stand to make enormous profits as long as the laws remain the same that protect them.

• We are both victims and recipients of a very rigged system that supports the pharmaceutical and medical industry.
• How often do you see a physician and he/ she avoids discussing your lifestyle choices that impact your health. Rather, they are quick to the diagnosis and recommend drugs or more testing to treat your condition.
• The reality is most physicians are not trained in integrative medicine. They know what they know. And what they don’t know or choose not to look at can hurt you!

• To add insult to injury insurance will cover chemo/ radiation but not natural therapies, despite the fact that real science is there to back these modalities.

• It’s odd how health insurance covers us when we are sick and makes money off of us when we are well. I would love to see insurance rates and coverage be correlated to being healthy and recognize natural and integrative medicine as viable options.

• MSG (glutamate destroys brain cells).

• There are glutamate receptors all over the body.

• Glutamate receptors stimulate the growth and proliferation of cancer cells.

• If you block these receptors you slow the growth.

• It has been shown that you can take glutamate blockers and chemo works much more effectively.

• Key is to block the enzyme glutamase.

• Flavonoids block this enzyme ( curcumin, resveratrol). This is what is called Functional Nutrition!

Cancer cells use 2 fuels:

Glucose and Glutamate

• Cancer cannot use fat as fuel ( nuts, avocado, coconut oil ).
• Avoid soy ( very high in glutamine)
• Want to avoid high glycemic foods.
• Fruits with lower glycemic index plus fiber is best (slows the absorption of sugar) and spikes in blood sugar which in turns lowers insulin resistance and slows the growth of cancer cells.

• Sugar effects white blood cells (WBC) or leukocytes.

• WBC need Vit C but this is blocked when glucose is absorbed by white blood cells.

• High sugar effects WBC’s ability to fight and break down cancer cells.

• As a result, people who eat a predominantly high carb diet (and minimal intake of high nutrient-dense foods and healthy fats) are vulnerable to reduced immune function and greater propensity for developing cancer.

• sugar not only feeds cancer but it causes cancer cell development by creating a phenotype in cells that become aggressive and go after other healthy cells.

• Cancer cells will suck up all glucose from normal cells.

• Tumor cancer cells possess insulin receptors. Insulin resistance leads to high levels of insulin (hyperinsulinemia) and thus glucose uptake by cancer cells. These insulin receptors lead to less apoptotic (tumor cell death) activity and greater tumorigenisis!

Nature’s Pharmacy:

• Fruits and vegetables are loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants.
• These stimulate apoptosis ( programmed cancer cell death )
• Ex: Kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, celery, berries, figs

• As discussed earlier you cannot patent a natural product !

• Flavanoids and carotenoids are great anti oxidants and provide excellent anti-inflammatory  and anti- aging properties.

• They aid in and support self-regulation and repair!

• Powerful excitotoxin.
• Carcinogenic.
• Causes breast, lung, colon tumors.
• Neurotoxin.
• Destroys immune system.
• Also affects leptin in hypothalamus ( leptin rises ) and people gain weight.
• Tyrosine in aspartame stimulates hypoglycaemia and makes you hungry !!

Sucrolose ( Splenda)
• engineered sugar.
• Has chlorine which kills gut microbiome.
• Elevates pH of colon.
• DNA damage.
• Headaches.
-Better choice ( Stevia or organic cane sugar ).

Key minerals to fight cancer
1. Selenium ( 200-1000 mcg)
• reverses and prevents cancer.
• must be in food form ( not isolate).
1. Chromium ( 100mcg)
• GTF ( glucose tolerance factor).
• Robs cancer cells of ability to grab sugar.
• Silicone ( silica)
• helps with connective tissue integrity or our whole cellular matrix ( skin, hair, nails, skeletal, nervous, visceral systems).
• Prevents metastasis.
• Found in Horsetail extract or tea.

Innovative Therapies to fight cancer:

 Sonar Photo Dynamic Therapy
• vibrational and energy medicine !
• use sound to affect cancer cells ( amplitude, frequency and intensity are key ).
• forms negative oxygen which triggers cancer cell death ( apoptosis).

 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
• saturate body with O2.
• cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen environment.
• Near infared sauna
• detoxifies.

Hyperthermia therapy
• Infrared heat saunas
• decreases blood supply to tumors ( angiogenesis).
• Can be used in conjunction with chemo to increase its effectiveness.
Episode 5: Blind Spots

Spine – nervous system
• we often look at immune system first ( hormones, glands, gut ).
• The brain communicates to the nervous system via spinal cord.
• Need to look at spinal cord structure !
• Research indicate that the nervous system controls the immune system!
• Pinched nerves mimic the flight or fight state by activating the sympathetic nervous system.
• This sets off adrenal gland secretion of cortisol and ultimately adrenal fatigue.

• All of the spaces in our mouth are directly related to organs in the body.
• Root canals and filings are in fact toxic – the sockets get infected leading to infections / inflammation.

• 90% of breast cancers are in fact related to root canals!

• Need biological dentistry.

• Failed root canals lead to infection and then systemic inflammation. This can create dental toxins that get into bloodstream – pass through liver – inflammation develops.

• Biological dentists use bio-oxidative therapy.

• NFKB an inflammatory gene that is switched on. Sympathetic nervous system turned on and parasympathetic turns off.

• Need to remove toxic metals in mouth ( fillings ) 50% Mercury / 50% silver.
• These Mercury fillings are not inert and in fact out gas!
• This is toxic to the nervous, endocrine and GI systems ( gut flora ).
• It can cross blood brain barrier causing memory and cognitive dysfunction.


• Journal Lancet just labelled fluoride as a excitotoxin !

• We get this in our WATER!

• It causes cancer and can activate osteosarcoma gene!

• It calcifies the pineal gland affecting consciousness.

• Fluoride is a toxin that disrupts bone growth process.

Take iodine !

• Iodine deficiency can lead to cancer cell growth.
• Cannot fight infections without iodine.
• Needed for endocrine function ( thyroid, breast, pancreas, ovaries, uterus , prostate)
• Low iodine is contributing to all of these cancers)
• cysts form first – lead to nodules – leads to hyperplasia – leads to cancer.
• Iodine has apoptotic properties !
• Iodine deficiency is very prevalent ( thyroid, type 2 diabetes ).
• Iodine needed to produce the mitochondria in our cells and without the mitochondria we cannot have a oxygen metabolic system but rather a sugar fermenting system that is breeding ground for cancer !

Take away – need less fluoride ( tap water ) and more iodine ( seaweed or supplement).
1. Vaccines

• Can cause inflammation.
• There’s a forced vaccine bill that was passed in California that has set a precedent
• SB227 bill goes into effect in 2016.
• It violates our constitution.
• It strips away medical choice.
• Here the state actually owns your body and doesn’t tell you what’s in it !
• What’s in these vaccines ?
• Ex: Sv 40 in polio vaccine
• Ex: antibiotics, MSG, aborted feral tissue, Mercury , formaldehyde ?
• Forced vaccines are similar to forced chemotherapy which are mandated by the govt.
• The AMA code of ethics is being violated where the patient should be given the choice !
• This is real violation of human rights.
• This is similar to the experiments that went on in nazi Germany.
• Some these war criminals ( Nurnberg trials) went on to take corporate positions in pharma companies like Bayer, BASF
• SV 40 vaccine to treat polio was linked to thousands of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma ( Lancet 2002).

Vaccines cont’d
• formaldehyde, aluminum and metals found and many unknowns in vaccines.

• We never test these vaccines to see if they are carcinogenic or mutogenic ( DNA changing).

• All physicians and pediatricians should read the VAERS report!

• Vaccines are injected into muscle then go to bloodstream bypassing the defense systems.

• They are not safe or effective in fighting infectious diseases.

• Flu shots contain aluminum , mercury and other neuro-toxins.

• Why can’t we produce safe vaccines ?

• There’s no independent evidence that they are safe !

• Chemotherapy and vaccines are poisoning our systems !

• Public health is the target and subject of huge profits for these companies.

• In UK they have mercury-free flu shots but not so here in the USA !
1. Emotions:

• Emotional component to most cancers.

• Emotions can code and change genes at a cellular level.

• Need to heal the body and the emotional components.

• Good therapies include biofeedback, acupuncture, massage.
• Need to undo patterns that have created stagnation and unblock the emotional energy.

• Every disease has an emotional component.

• Is it the emotion causing the problem or the actual organ triggering the emotion ?

• Many doctors use fear to scare patients into chemo or they will die !

• Cancer is a process of 8-10 years, so there’s no rush to do chemo / radiation.

• Oncologists manipulate you by fear !

• It’s in their interest, not yours to listen to them and get you into chemo/ radiation.

• The power of life or death is in the words of a doctor who you have given control to.

• Stress diminishes the immune system. It elevates cortisol and depletes your melatonin and VitC.
• Negative thinking creates a cascade of enemy’s and can do more damage than a virus or germ !
• Therefore we need to detox the mind !!!
• Thought and mindfulness can heal the body.
• Homeopathy uses substances that mimic the disease.
• Use diluted and non toxic versions of the ailment you are treating.
• Doctors and pharma want to dictate the method of treatment and don’t accept the real science that contradicts their approach.

• We need do educate the public on their options like functional nutrition, homeopathy , acupuncture etc.
• Doctors say if it doesn’t make sense than it’s nonsense.
• Hospitals and pharma are competing to get your business as we see with all the ad dollars spent.

Episode 6: Detoxification

• Interstitial tissue between cells needs to be clean.
• It’s where everything happens.
• These areas need to be clean to allow for nutrients and oxygen to go through – vital to stopping cancer cells growth.
• If K and Mg cannot go through the cell becomes acidic.
• Detox is needed to get our bodies clean.
• We are bombarded with toxins ( phalates, metals, GMO’s and pharmaceuticals that we either take or are in our food and water supplies.
• The whole world is sick ( water, soil, air etc)
• We need to keep our bodies clean to allow for self healing mechanisms to work.
• No disease can exist within a clean body !

A.  Clean the colon with hydrotherapy or herbs (psyllium, slippery elm bark, humic acid).
Clean the intestines (90% of drugs and chemo kill the gut flora).
Need to do daily gentle toxins – don’t let them build up and then try to rid the body of excess toxins !
Large intestines is the mother of all organs (when people are sick you can see bloating which is a sure sign of inflammation).

B. Cleanse the urinary tract
• kidneys and bladder. (parsley and asparagus)
• drink plenty of water.

C. Clean the liver (beets, ginger, turmeric, milk thistle).
• These extracts work best bc they are concentrated.
• Oils are great for pushing congestion out of liver !
• Liver cleansing essential for fighting cancer !

Detox Week for liver (all vegetables for the week)
Detox Tea:
• 1 cup water
• lemon
• 1tbs olive oil
• 1 -5 garlic cloves
• 1 -5 piece of ginger
• Then add carrot and beet salad with parsley ( add olive oil and lemon and a pinch of cinnamon)
• Green smoothies.
• Detoxing liver is critical for anyone who’s had chemo, radiation!

• Must cleanse colon first to allow for elimination !
• The cleanse might leave feeling sick or tired this is due to toxins exiting the body.

D. Cleanse the lymphatic system:

• Essiac Tea is a super tea !
• The lymphatic system is key to detox. The more you move and create heat the better things move through the lymph system.
• we often ignore the lymph system !
• Don’t ever remove the lymph nodes ( when the harden they are doing their job). They are a critical filter and part of the “drainage” system.
• Tight bras for woman impact the lymph system and can be a precursor to breast cancer.
• Overuse of deodorants ( aluminum) can block pores from sweating and harmful to the lymph glands.
• Get a natural antiperspirant.

1. Parasite Cleanse:
• black walnut hull
• Clove
• Worm wood
• Bromaline
• Takes 6 weeks
1. Heavy Metal Cleanse:

A. Systemic detox
• heavy metals
• Gluten
• Yeasts
• Electro magnetic rad
• Emotional toxicity
• GMO’s, pesticides, homogenization and pasteurization of foods, etc
• Spiritual toxicity.
B. Physiological Optimization
• Stay fit and exercise !
• Where growth stops decay sets in !
• It’s not a static condition.
• You are either getting worse or you are getting better!
• Need more oxygen.
• Reduce sugar into the body.

C. Immune Modulation

• Need to repair immune function.
• Want to see elevation in natural killer cells and lymphocytes.
• Cancer cannot exist if the immune system is fully functioning !

D. Target Acquisition
• Want to get the body to recognize that cancer is foreign ( AARSOTA- a nontoxic vaccine that stands for Autogenic Antigen Receptor Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisition) so immune system can destroy it. The body needs to fix itself ( not chemo or rad)!
E. Maintanence

• Living your life in a healthy way !
Read : “9 steps to keep the doctor away ” – Dr Buttar

Other Therapies

1. Infrared hyper therapy uses electromagnetic rad that elevates lactic acid in cancer cells promoting apoptosis.
2. Dendritic cell vaccines ( policeman of the immune system) they elicit the action of natural killer cells. They are made from white blood cells.
3. Placebo Effect:
– Eliciting a healing response in people with the belief that they are getting something without actual administering it.
Placebo may be more powerful than the actual medicines that traditional medicine uses.
The real power is in self healing
Nocebo Effect ( New England Journal of Medicine)
• the power of belief as powerful as the placebo effect.
• We need to stop giving doctors the control over own body and beliefs !
What about people who have already undergone chemo/ rad / surgery ?

Cordycep mushrooms which ups your immunity and oxygen uptake and natural killer cell activity and helps turn on apoptosis in cancer cells.
• Shiitake mushrooms also powerful !
• All mushrooms have Beta Glucan and polysaccharides.

• Astragalus stimulates immune system and white blood cell count.

• Garlic and cabbage ( high in sulfur) helps excrete toxins and build immune function. Sulfur turns in liver enzymes that start the detox process.

• Sauerkraut is a true superfood loaded with probiotics and supports gut bacteria ( the foundation of our immune system) – critical of under going chemo.
• Chemo is 100x more lethal than antibiotics !

• Beta Glucan which has been shown to elevate white blood cell count ( which is compromised by chemo and rad).

Oxidative Stress:

• Must reduce this chemical reaction in body.
• Want to activate NRF2 enzyme which signals the antioxidant response element pathway.
• The following helps activate this response to oxidative stress:
• Resveratrol ( red grapes and berries)
• Curcumin ( turmeric )
• Catechins ( green tea and dark chocolate)
• Sulforaphane ( broccoli and brussel sprouts)

Aromatherapy – Essential Oils:
• Myrrh
• Frankensense
• Lavender

These are all great for “chemo brain” ( brain fog).

– Curcumin literally kills cancer cells.

• Chemo only suppresses cancer cells and only part of the cell.
Episode 7: More Therapies

• All diseases start with cellular imbalances.
• Can detect some cancers 5 yrs in advance through high resolution microscopy.
• Want to catch cancer before it becomes a tumor.

• Budwig diet: (mixing cottage cheese with flax seed oil ).

• Remember cancer cannot grow in oxygen environment (hypoxia) and flaxseed attracts oxygen !
• Flaxseed has a negative charge and so does intestinal lining hence its not absorbed but if you add protein ( pos charge) it’s absorbed !

Macrophages ( GcMAF)
• people with cancer have high nagalace (an enzyme made by cancer cells which inhibits macrophage activity)! Macrophages are formed from monocytes in affected tissue in response to an invader or infection in the body.
• Nagalace levels >1 means immune system is suppressed.

Hyperbaric Chamber:

• great results oxygenating the body.
• High pressure gets oxygen to dissolve in blood.
• Cancer cells are hypoxic ( they thrive in a non-oxygenated environment).
• The inner core of cancer cells is hypoxic which protects against chemo.
• Sends out signals called VEGF to body to produce blood vessels for tumor growth ( angiogenesis )
• Oxygen shuts down the VEGF process and therefore even allows chemo and rad to work better !

Ultraviolet Light Therapy:

– Provides Vit D.
• great for battling cancer cells and fighting infections and increasing oxygen saturation.
• Vit D is an epigenetic optimiser!
• Need UVB – the real source of VitD ( unfortunately most sunscreens block this )
• Allowing UVA in which in fact raises risk of skin cancer !
• UVB combines with cholesterol in skin to form Vit D.
• Healthy cells have light properties whereas unhealthy cells don’t.
• Cancer cells are virtually dark!
• Want to push light into the cells.

Chlorophyll ( plants):

• same structure as hemoglobin.
• High in magnesium.
• Goes into cells and photo energies cells by boosting ATP in mitchondria.
• Found in wheatgrass ( add this to beets, celery, carrots, ginger ).

Living Fuel Super foods:
• super high nutrient food loaded with proteins, VitD, Polyphenols, probiotics etc

Water is vital
• toxins and viruses can multiply in a dehydrated cell !
Molecular Hydrogen
• hydrogen enriched water !
• Influences epigenetics.
• By up or down regulating gene expression.

Echo water system:
• Molecular hydrogen combines with and neutralizes hydroxyl free radical to form water.

Electrical Therapy PEMF:

• Cancer cells have lower energy voltage.
• PEMF ( pulsed electromagnetic fields)
• raises voltage and increases metabolism and destroys cancer cell function.
• PEMF combined with hyperbaric therapy drives the oxygen into the cells causing apoptosis !!
• We are exposed to too much “dirty electricity ( high voltage EMF, cell phones, microwaves )
• We are bio- energetic beings .

Other facts:

• 1 min of anger = 6 hrs of depressed immune function!
• 1 min of laughter boosts immune function 24 hrs !
• Listen to music can have tremendous healing capacity.

Chemo Facts:

• Chemo is a business model not a treatment.

• Chemo only suppresses the initial tumor cells. After the treatments the immune system is so compromised that the cancer comes back with greater potency intensity.

• Chemo doesn’t cure cancer.

• Patents in pharma business are based on newly discovered substances that are foreign to the body. Big pharma is an investment business based on ROI.

• The hypocritic oath that most physicians sign is a joke:

• ” Do no harm and do not deliver poisons”

• “When a doctor cannot do any good he should be prevented from doing any harm ”

The Real Cure:
• Lies in our food, detoxification, dealing with our emotional wounds, biological dentistry, thermography, specific blood markers for early detection (PHI enzyme, oncoblot test) , light and sound therapy, ionized water, hyperbaric oxygen.

Episode 8: Micro Nutrients

• Much of chronic disease can be linked to a deficiency in micro nutrients ( Vitamins, trace elements, phtyo chemicals, amino acids and minerals) which over time leads to cellular degeneration.
• Connective tissue breakdown due to collaganase enzymes – these enzymes pave the way for cancer cell growth and migration.
• Micro nutrients destroy this harmful enzymatic function and therefore inhibit and shut down growth and proliferation of cancer cells and tumor formation and metastasis by inhibiting angiogenesis !

• They can also work at the genetic level in cancer cells by reversing their immortality capacity by inducing apoptosis (cell death).

• Vit C (vital to connective tissue integrity).
• Lysine (inhibits collaganase enzymes and needed for collagen).
• Both VitC and lysine not produced in body so we need to supplement !
• Selenium and quercitin are also powerful.
• These micro nutrients inhibit long lasting inflammation. (the foundation of cancer).

• The pharma industry doesn’t want you to know the facts of natural medicine.

• They are in fact suing many of the integrative health doctors !!

• Big pharma is not succeeding because natural medicine is backed by real science.

• They are peptides that are the missing link between proteins and amino acids. Cancer patients are deficient in these antineoplastans

Food is epigenetic !!

• We can override our genetic propensity for disease.
• Eat the rainbow ( fruits and vegetables ).
• Foods enter your cells and interact with the DNA of cells ( photochemicals)

• Spices: oregano, ginger, turmeric, thyme – all can influence our genes !
• These can turn on the apoptosic switch and mechanisms that promote cell death of cancer cells/ tumor.

• Plant based medicine resonates with the internal make up and energies of the human body ( not so for processed foods and GMO’s and treatments like radiation and chemo – which are toxic to our systems ).

• Treating a tumor is treating a symptom not the underlying cause!

• Using phytochemicals and phytonutrients we can better assist the chemo if that’s the choice the patient makes by targeting the tumor better and protecting the healthy tissues to produce a better outcome ( Ex: add curcumin and ginger).
• These substances stimulate the apoptotic process in conjunction with chemo.

Gerson Diet
• providing energy at the cellular level.
• Using juicing to fire up the energy of the immune system.
• Raw fruits and vegetables are acidic but eventually convert to water in the body and can be converted to massive amounts of energy.
• Toxins are flushed out of cells into bloodstream
• These toxins need to be released.
Coffee Enema
• Your liver produces glutathione transferase enzyme ( most detoxifying enzyme in the body ).
• The liver uses palmitic acid as a catalyst to produce the glutathione transferase.
• Use properly ( lightly) roasted organic coffee – not denaturized which is loaded with palmitic acid.
• Results are amazing (600-700% increase in glutathione transferase!).

B 17 ( Laetrile)
• use apricot kernel in conjunction with hyperthermia therapy.
“The only permanent cure to cancer is your immune system ”

Nutrition is the ammo or army needed to fight disease !

Nature is medicine. Minerals, sunlight, plants and tree extracts are non-toxic, energy releasing and readily accepted by the body!

Hemp ( canabis):
• powerful medicine
• Non toxic
• can also be used for paper pulp and clothing !
• Seeds are high in omega 3’s and protein.
• cannabinoids: THC has anti cancer property ( apoptosis )
• We have many cannaboid receptors all over the body (many in gut).
• Useful in breast, colorectal, brain, lung, skin, lymph, uterine, pancreatic and prostate cancers.

” Artificial soil produces artificial plants that produce artificial animals that produce artificial humans and then we had synthetic drugs to the mix – a real toxic cocktail”

Plant based foods are excellent sources of bio fuel and energy, only if they come from a pure and non-toxic source !

Unfortunately, 90% of vegetables available are toxic to human body due to the herbicide and pesticides !

Ketogenic Diet
• is an adjunct therapy for cancer.
• Glucose is the primary fuel for cancer.
• Normal cells like fat and glucose as fuel.
• If we eat too much sugar the body is not efficient at burning fat ( this down regulates fat burning enzymes!).
• By shifting to less sugar and more fats and proteins we start to up regulate enzymes needed to burn fat as energy.
• This is best done by diet shift and intermittent fasting!
• This also improves insulin resistance which is precursor to many inflammatory diseases.
• Need to test for fasting insulin in blood ( ideal <3)
• Low fasting insulin blood level = better ability to metabolize fat as fuel !

Intermitting Fasting:
• don’t eat 3 hours before bed. The body needs to repair itself and not metabolise energy.
• Give your digestive system breaks by doing occasional raw juicing. This a great way to detoxify your system.

• Must be active to burn energy and avoid free radical build up.
• Eat Ketogenic Diet!
• healthy fats ( avocado, coconut oil, nuts, olives, grass fed butter), proteins ( grass fed beef, free range chicken, organic eggs, wild fish), organic vegetables and fruits.
• avoid omega 6’s ( vegetable oils).

Organic foods are more expensive but you cannot put a price on your health and the value of the foods that are essential to good health. Getting sick and dealing with the long term consequences comes with a much greater cost.
We waste money on so many other things that have minimal intrinsic value. Food is energy for the body. This fuel needs to be clean and come from a healthy non- toxic source.

Episode 9: Final Thoughts

• Cancer is a spiritual disease. Getting a cancer diagnosis feels like you have been physically and spiritually hijacked.
• Must avoid being a victim.

• Better to do phtyo nutrient diet, infrared sanua, juicing,use a superfood like Living Fuel, stevia (if sugar needed) visualization and guided imagery, hyperbaric oxygen, essential oil therapy, etc.
• Must start the healing process immediately.

• Cancer has an emotional and spiritual component.
• We store memories and emotions in our cells. They become part of our DNA.
• Cancer can be an expression of these trapped memories.
• Our bodies have tremendous self-healing capabilities. We need to facilitate these strengths that we all can access.
• No disease, including cancer happens in isolation.
• We are complex biological systems that are impacted by many internal and external forces.
• It’s important to remember that we don’t get cancer than get sick, rather we are sick and get cancer !

Bottom Line: cancer cannot thrive in a healthy body. It seeks out weaknesses. Natural medicine gives our body the right tools and energy needed to combat this disease without all of the devastating side effects. Cancer is not a death sentence. It is a manifestation of poor immune function. If given the chance the body and mind can overcome this disease.