Cancer and Chemo Therapy

It’s vital to understand the effects that chemo has on your body and immune system. Unfortunately conventional medicine does not look at integrative and functional alternatives to handle the disease. As one of the top functional medicine specialists points out ” There’s no money in tumeric and ginger “.
Get the facts about chemotherapy:
⁃ Destroys microbiome.

⁃ Without a functioning and balanced gut microbiome your immune system cannot handle the cancer nor the effects of the chemo treatments.

⁃ Need full spectrum probiotics.

⁃ Need to replenish microbiome to handle inflammation and cancer itself.

⁃ Gut permeability is compromised from chemo and disruption to microbiome.

⁃ We need healthy bacteria like Lactobacillus, bifido bacterium.

⁃ Need a healthy bacterial diversity and ecosystem.

⁃ Need to handle leaky gut. Once the gut lining is compromised toxins and non- desirable food particles get into bloodstream triggering inflammation and auto immune disease.

⁃ Must deal with dysbiosis and SIBO ( need to do stool testing and breath test).

⁃ Environmental toxins ( Mercury, GMO’s, gluten, metals) are real triggers.

⁃ High Plains Lab Testing does all the necessary testing.

⁃ The real villain is pesticides and herbicides in GMO foods – puncture the intestinal wall/ lining

⁃ Glyphosate ( Round up) destroys the microbiome.

⁃ Getting a cancer diagnosis in itself is an extremely stressful event.

⁃ Stress truly compromises the microbiome and it’s vital diversity!

⁃ Noradrenalin and adrenaline in addition to cortisol ( stress hormones ) alter microbiome composition significantly !

⁃ Meditation has been found to be a very powerful tool that helps to mitigate the physiological and bio chemical changes that occur during our response to stress.

1. Find triggers.

2. Dietary interventions ( gluten and dairy free, no GMO’s )

3. Heal the microbiome and gut wall.

⁃ autoimmune paleo.

⁃ Healthy fats and proteins ( grass fed beef, wild caught fish, avocados, organic dairy.

⁃ Low carb.

⁃ Green leafy vegetable plus celery, cucumber, onion and garlic.

⁃ Coconut oil, olive oils, nuts, flax seeds.

⁃ Avoid high glycemic fruits.

⁃ Use berries, apples

⁃ Herbs ( oregano, thyme, tumeric and ginger)

⁃ Fish oils.

⁃ Fermented vegetables – sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles etc.

– Green Tea:  contains polyphenols and catechins which are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, slow down the growth of cancer cells, slows down angiogenesis ( new blood vessel formation that stimulates growth), and triggers natural detox enzymes that protect against cancer formation.

– Dandelion Tea: dandelion extract lowers inflammation, has been shown to destroy aggressive treatment – resistant human pancreatic cancer cells without harming normal cells and acting similarly for human melanoma cells.

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)

⁃ Leads to heart disease, hypertension and depression , auto-immune, etc .

⁃ It is a bacterial coating that should stay in gut !

⁃ Lives in gut lining and leaks through gut wall creates potent inflammatory response.

⁃ Need to restore good bacteria with probiotics.

⁃ Reduce pathogens / toxins.

⁃ Must eradicate SIBO or dysbiosis first – before taking probiotics.

⁃ Must get rid of yeast or SIBO first.

⁃ SIBO ( breath test ) – bloating, gas and diarrhea, roseacea, brain fog, fibromyalgia
⁃ If probiotics don’t work or you feel worse symptoms —might be a lactic acid or high histamine bacteria build up in gut.

⁃ SIBO ( too much lactic acid bacteria) – so don’t add lactobacillus or you will worsen the condition!

⁃ Use bacillus based product like Bacillus Coagulans.
— VSL3 – great product

–OrthoBiotics ( cheaper alternative).
Love and gratitude are powerful healing emotions!!!
1. Eat real food !

2. Avoid Glyphosate foods ( GMO’s ).

3. Organic foods, gluten free

4. Emotions impact gut / immune system. Positive thinking goes a long way in supporting immune function.

5. Lactobacillus planterum – powerful immune supportive bacteria.