⁃ No, MTHFR is not a  swear word !

⁃ The gene helps regulate 200 other genes.

Methylation process:
⁃ MTHFR enzyme needed for the following: folate ( B9) conversion to a usable form methyl folate.

⁃ Which helps homocysteine make SAMe.

⁃ SAMe helps support dopamine and norepinephrine which support gene expression.

⁃ This keeps cycling around !

⁃ Converting folate ( B9) into methyl folate is essential for DNA synthesis and repair, neurotransmitter production, detoxification and immune function.

⁃ Helps regulate neurotransmitters levels.

⁃ Binds to the COMT gene.

⁃ Helps clear dopamine and norepinephrine in order to sleep.

⁃ Also can help make these neurotransmitters when needed.

⁃ Helps convert serotonin to melatonin.

⁃ Helps histamine convert to methylhistamine.

⁃ Helps regulate the genes that allow tyrosine to make L- dopa which helps make dopamine.

⁃ SAMe through gene expression than affects depression due to impacting levels of dopamine!
Need to have adequate levels of methyl folate and B12 to keep methylation process working.

Do the following test for methylation function:

⁃ Take 250 mg of SAMe.

⁃ Methylation cycle works by taking SAMe and you sleep soundly. If you take it and don’t sleep well your methylation cycle isn’t working !
Yeast Overgrowth or inflammation in gut interferes with the methylation process.
Oxidative stress ( free radicals ) reroutes homocysteine to make glutathione instead of SAMe.
Low homocysteine indicates oxidative stress and /or inflammation in the gut !
Take away- clean eating fuels healthy microbiome that impacts inflammation and oxidative stress.
Ammonia Production.

⁃ Toxic to cells and mitochondria

⁃ Microbiome ecology affected.

⁃ Gut dysbiosis created by ammonia buildup.

⁃ Liver mitochondria where ammonia detox and methylation happens.

⁃ Combine dysbiosis with high protein diet with tired mitochondria and weak methylation you will feel sick and declining health.
To promote healthy cellular machinery you need to first REMOVE before you ADD!

⁃ Need to remove the triggers !
Meat might be a big trigger of high ammonia build up !

⁃  Need to add more dietary fiber and vegetables and probiotic foods !
Lowering Ammonia is a must !

⁃ Affects brain fog, moods and gut function.

⁃ Prolonged  fasting between meals (overnight best ).

⁃ Acetyl l – carnitine ( biotin and B vitamins help with fat burning, then can lower protein intake )

⁃ 1500mg of acetyl- carnitine

⁃ Omega ratios need to become healthy and balanced.

⁃  Daytime activity crucial.

⁃ Take Liposomal Glutathione (Seeking Health ) use low dose ( use a drop).

⁃ It is a sulfur compound !
Need Electrolytes

⁃ Are needed  for cellular hydration and communication.

⁃ Sodium , potassium, magnesium and chloride.
23AndMe – get genetic information and look for the MTHFR mutation.
Then send to

⁃ Great genetic testing report !!

⁃ How genes are impacted and work !

⁃ Learn about MTHFR

⁃ Shows how genetic expression is impacted by microbiome and food, toxins, lack of activity that impact our genes.
Microbiome Impact

⁃ Impacted by your interval and external environment.

⁃ Chew your food.

⁃ Slow down.

⁃ Stop eating when you are 80% full!!!