Parasites – how to handle them

Detoxing the body of parasites.
A. Takes about 2-8 weeks to complete

⁃ Parasites can be very tenacious, toxic and immunosuppressant.
Detox that can be done with natural approach ( drug free).

⁃ Unsweetened cranberry juice mixed with water ( high in organic acids that attack parasite protein).

⁃ Pumpkin seeds high in zinc and Vitamin A ( 2-3 oz toasted pumpkin seeds)

⁃ Garlic high in many immune bolstering properties.

⁃ Black walnut extract.
B. Parasites – underlie many of these symptoms:
1. Allergies.

3. Joint and muscle pain.

4. Intestinal issues and GERD, weak LES, hiatal hernia, IBS.

5. Sleep issues ( frequent awakening throughout night ).

6. Headaches and nervousness.

7. Cancer and virtually any autoimmune disease.

8. Liver problems.

9. Skin conditions – eczema, rashes, hives, etc.

10. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (often a Giardia underpinning).
If you have a healthy microbiome parasites cannot exist. Therefore it’s critical to get the microbiome fixed.
But must first get rid of parasites before you restore micobiome!!
Otherwise you just feed the parasites !! Once you treat parasites you can then start to restore gut flora
Parasite cleanse first – parasites feed off micobiome and crowd them out.
Once parasites are dealt with then proceed with these:
⁃ fermented vegetables

⁃ Kefir

⁃ Full spectrum probiotic

⁃ If you have a positive SIBO ( small intestine bacterial overgrowth) test get this dealt with first.
C. Parasite Cleanse
1. My Colon Cleanse Kit

2. Berberine ( low dose )

3. Grapefruit seed extract

4. Dandelion root
In some cases might need a pharmaceutical intervention for a particularly aggressive parasite.

Ex- Alinia for blastocystis, giardia or cryptosporidium infections.

Testing is hard to detect parasites – they can be hidden or in early stages of reproduction.

Some live in small intestine not the large intestine
Use Diagnos- techs labs
Parasites steal your nutrients and block absorption

Ex B12, fatty acids.
D. Blood test
⁃ WBC count differential – look for elevated esinophils and monocytes
E. Nutritional Actions:
⁃ Avoid gluten and sugar – parasites can feed off of both of these food toxins.

⁃ Eat low glycemic fruits.

⁃ Add chia and flax seeds.

⁃ Fermented veggies.

⁃ Healthy grains – buckwheat, millet, quinoa.

⁃ Bone broth ( great for gut healing).

⁃ Jicama, Jerusalem artichokes.

⁃ Dr. Ohhira probiotics ( full spectrum probiotic- with organic acids and TH 10 which deal with E. coli and h. pylori )