It’s Never Too Late 

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. I got into this business because I wanted to make a difference in how people lived their lives. I watched my father die of cancer at a young age. At the time I didn’t understand how it was that his lifestyle choices had such dire consequences. As I look back on his life and that of many others who I have consulted and advised over the years, it has become very clear that we all make choices that impact our quality of life and longevity. Research has now proven that our genetics play only a small part in how we experience life and it is more significantly impacted by our behaviors, actions, thoughts and beliefs. We are the product of both our internal and external environment.

I have watched my clients over the years make extraordinary changes once they have committed to and truly embraced a healthy lifestyle. I have heard all the stories: “I was never very athletic in my youth.” “I was always very uncoordinated in sports.” “My family never supported or encouraged me to be very active.”

Well, I say that was then and this is now! We all can change and start to embrace a healthy way of life! We all have busy lives and many commitments to fulfill. We make time for our jobs, our kids, our social life. What seems to get neglected is our health and well-being. What needs to be understood is your health is the most important aspect of your life. Without it, you are eventually going to experience stress and disease. It’s inevitable. Stop procrastinating and start making time for yourself and realize that your mind and body will function more optimally. Trust me when I say that exercising daily and eating right have profound benefits. You don’t have to become a marathon runner or a triathlete to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Your  personal and work relationships will improve.

Your social life will be more fulfilling.

Your energy will be greater.

Your mood and outlook will be enhanced.

Your ability to concentrate and problem solve will improve.

Your immune, metabolic, hormonal and neurological systems will function at a higher level.

Your self-image and self-perception will change.

Your enthusiasm to try new things will lead you in many new and exciting ways.

Your motivation and drive to achieve greatness will be increased.

So what are you waiting for .

It’s never too late !!