Fighting Adipose Tissue and Cellulite

Metabolic Death Foods  ⁃ sugar ( fruit juice ). Ex: Naked or Odwalla

– Canola , vegetable oil, hydrogenated oils ( cellular inflammation) these are GMO’s which kill probiotics in the gut

⁃ Conventional dairy ( loaded with drugs, hormones and antibiotics) – replace with coconut milk or goat yogurt

⁃ Wheat ( gluten, phytic acid which are enzyme blockers, amylopectin cause blood sugar spikes)

⁃ Artificial sweeteners ( Splenda kills off probiotics in gut ) found in diet sodas, protein powders – replace with stevia

⁃ Watch out with peanuts – high in omega 6 oils and mycotoxins  which trigger candida and leaky gut
Foods to Add

⁃ chia and flax seeds increase energy and metabolic function also high in fiber and omega 3’s and plant based protein

⁃ green leafy vegetables- high chlorophyll, magnesium and Vit K

⁃ Cruciferous veggies – reduces estrogen key to fat loss. ( broccoli and cabbage)

⁃ Root vegetables ( beets and carrots )

⁃ Berries ( resveratrol and flavonoids)

⁃ Coconut oil and milk ( medium chain fatty acids easily processed into energy). Helps body to burn fat and less sugars.

⁃ Grass fed beef and dairy, wild caught salmon.
Metabolic Key – need protein, healthy fat and fiber.
Causes of cellulite:

⁃ lack of circulation

⁃ Weak collagen structure

⁃ Fluid retention


⁃ increase potassium ( avocado, green leafy veg, kiwi, yogurt, figs)

⁃ Essential fatty acids ( wild salmon, flax and chia seeds)

⁃ Bone broth or collagen protein powder

⁃ Herbals ( parsley or cilantro)

⁃ High intensity exercise
Fat Burning Supplements:

⁃ Whey protein or collagen protein l

⁃ Probiotics ( all health begins in gut and helps balance hormones, detoxification)

⁃ Macy’s green tea ( high in chlorophyll)

⁃ Adaptogenic herbs ( grapefruit essential oil and Rhodeola rosea )


⁃ need only 3 x / week at 20-30 min

⁃ High intensity is best ( long endurance actually elevates cortisol)

⁃ 40 sec training / 20 sec rest. ( Interval training – best for long term fat burning)

⁃ Raises HGH and works on ghrelin and leptin hormones, works on glucose tolerance and increases insulin receptor sensitivity.