Biochemical Individuality

Each person has a unique biochemical profile. This profile can be altered over the course of time by many factors – genetics, physical and emotional stress, nutrition, drug interactions, etc… Our mind and body are connected via the pyschosomatic network. Our thoughts and beliefs truly impact our physiology ( neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and hormones). Positive thinking leads to positive biochemical changes, while negative thinking leads to negative ones. Research has proven that the brain can change ( neuro-plasticity) at any age. We are not as hard wired as we once thought we were.

This individuality allows each of us to approach the world differently – how we respond to stress, how flexible we are mentally and psychologically, and how are bodies manifest these individualities.  Below are some interesting facts about our biochemical make up:

1. Every cell in your body knows everything about you all the time.

2. You cannot fool your body.

3. Your memories are attached to your emotions.

4. Genes are not your destiny, rather they are your predisposition.

5. Genes are correlated to disease if they are turned on.

6. Psychological age ( how you feel) influences biological age ( your cellular reality).

7. Live more consciously – awareness impacts biology.

8. Be open and flexible – willingness to leave where you are to go to what you want to become.

9. You and you alone determine your life journey – be more flexible and open

10. Remove the ” shoulds” and ” absolutes:”