Have An Open Mind

Life can throw us many curve balls. Truthfully, it’s not the curve ball that is the challenge but rather how we respond to it. We are all in control of our own lives and, ultimately, our destiny. Part of being in control is the willingness to create a plan and, more importantly, the ability to be flexible.

Life is full of challenges and those of us who can make the necessary adjustments are the ones that will flourish. This requires the development of an “open or learned ” mindset. An open mind is one that seeks information and continues to learn and adapt. Part of this process is the ability and desire to listen more and talk less. If you are always speaking you cannot listen. If you are more concerned about being heard, again, you are not listening. An open mind is one that is capable of handling stress better and re- calibrating when life is difficult. An open mind is less judgemental and more adaptable.

Life is a constant learning process and the sooner you grasp that concept the better off you will be and can be better suited to handle what life throws at you.

Surround yourself with people who you can learn from and that you respect. Our social connections might be the single most important aspect of our ability to the successful in this life. A closed mind and restricted social structure will certainly limit your successes and, ultimately, shut down your connectedness to the world and the ability to learn from others.

A curve ball is just that – a ball that challenges your ability to adjust. You can only adjust if you keep open mind. Admit your weakness and make them your strengths. You are only as strong and your weakest link.

A mentor once told me the more you learn the less you realise what you know.