Found in all our cells and are considered the true powerhouses of our body’s energy.

Where energy is created by combining glucose and oxygen into ATP. ATP is the main energy currency in the cell and carries energy in its chemical bonds that the cellular machinery can use to function and grow. In essence, it’s fundamental to health and our existence.

Mitochondria are also responsible for many other tasks including producing cell signalling molecules, regulating vital calcium levels, producing body heat and killing off unviable cells.

Key To Understanding Energy

Fatigue = when energy demands exceeds energy delivery !!

Must reduce negative internal and external influences before you can promote and sustain a positive energy environment.

Signs Of Compromised Mitochondrial Function:

⁃ fatigue

⁃ Weakness

⁃ Pain

⁃ Poor healing

⁃ Memory loss

⁃ Low focus / poor concentration

⁃ Autoimmunity

⁃ Cancer

⁃ Insulin resistance

⁃ Cardiovascular and neurological diseases

Cellular damage = cellular aging

Mitochondrial damage – leads to compromised function !

Need to repair, promote and enhance function

Environmental Factors That Impair Mitochondrial Function:

⁃ nutrient deficiency ( B-vitamins, magnesium, copper, CoQ10 and iron )

⁃ Excess carbs and refined sugars

⁃ Toxins ( herbicide, pesticides, chemicals, GMO’s)

⁃ Infections : microbial and viral ( Epstein Barr, hepatitis )

⁃ Epigenetics ( activation of specific genes)

⁃ Lack of quality sleep

⁃ EMF / reduced exposure to natural sunlight

⁃ Lack of exercise ( strength and aerobic)

⁃ Oxidative stress and free radical build up ( internal and external influences)

Enhancing Mitochondrial Function To Optimize Energy

⁃ CoQ10, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and copper

⁃ Anti-inflammatory /Ketogenic diet

⁃ Healthy fats ( Omega 3 fatty acids like DHA / EPA, coconut and extra virgin olive oil, avocados, chia/ flax seeds)

⁃ Antioxidants ( reduce oxidative stress and boost Glutathione and NrF2 pathway)

⁃ Organic foods

⁃ Eliminate processed foods

⁃ Intermittent fasting ( increases fat oxidation and growth hormone production)

⁃ Full spectrum light

⁃ Reduce EMF ( poor lighting and devices)

⁃ Grounding

⁃ Reduce oxidative stress

⁃ Balanced exercise and recovery

– Avoid overtraining

⁃ HIIT training ( increase protein synthesis and muscle growth. Increases mitochondrial density and biogenesis through fat oxidation )

⁃ Mindfulness and deep breathing ( down regulates sympathetic and up regulates parasympathetic system)

⁃ Restorative sleep ( reset bio and circadian rhythms)

⁃ Cold exposure ( shown to boost mitochondrial biogenesis)

⁃ Increase exposure to negative ions ( clean water and air, use ionizing filters)

⁃ Building a healthy and balanced gut microbiome (single best predictor of longevity) and reducing toxins that lead to leaky gut.

⁃ Gut healthy foods ( sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir)