Busting The Myth Of Fruit

Fruit has been given a bad name in some nutrition circles. The sugar in fruit- fructose is very different than other forms of sugar – especially processed sugar.
Processed sugar, sucrose, lactose ( and artificial sweeteners) as we know feeds obesity, viruses, fungi, cancers and a whole host of degenerative diseases.

Unprocessed fructose, found naturally in fruit, is a blend of life-creating and life-sustaining phytonutrients and phytochemicals that actually fight disease and promote longevity.

There is only a fraction of sugar in fruit – mostly made up of water, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, pectin, fiber and antioxidants. The current low- carb diet shuns and discourages fruit consumption.

Why would you want to eliminate a gift from nature? Why would you want remove antitumor, anticancer antioxidants, vitamins , minerals, bioflavonoids and polyphenols from your nutritional arsenal? Humans have cultivated and eaten fruits for thousands of years.

You can eat healthy organic fruit year round. It doesn’t just have to be in season. Fruits are in season year round – just need to get them from places where they are grown. Eating fruit really helps to eliminate cravings for other sugars.

It’s best eaten by itself or paired with raw vegetables like leafy greens. They are both digested rather easily. Cooked vegetables, protein, fat, complex carbs take longer to digest.

Fruit doesn’t not promote or feed cancer like processed sugars do. Much like vegetables they are anti-cancerous. Numerous studies indicate that cancer feeds off of sugar. As we know insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are also diseases driven by sugar – mostly found in sucrose and high fructose corn syrup. It’s now believed that Alzheimer’s may also be linked to excess sugar that drives neuro inflammation.

In addition, fruit can destroy viruses and bacteria. It is also vital to gut health. For example, pectin in apples and fiber in figs and dates are effective at destroying and clearing out your intestinal tract where fungi like Candida, parasites and worms thrive.

Fruit doesn’t hinder liver function. Fatty foods that are high in sugar are the biggest culprits driving fatty liver and liver disease. Fruit actually protects the liver by providing the organ with glucose reserve it needs in order to function and to stabilize blood sugar.

Bottom line: Fruit prevents disease, kills pathogens and repairs the body. Fruits prevent oxidation which drives inflammation and ultimately aging. Fruits are naturally rich in antioxidants.

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