Alzheimer’s: The Gut-Brain Connection

⁃ Very affected by gut – brain connection.

⁃ Disruption to gut microbiome a big player.

⁃ Must look at overgrowth of pathogens in gut.

⁃ Drives leaky gut and inflammation then leading to autoimmune dysfunction and neurodegenerative changes.

⁃ Microbial disruption can also lead to hormonal disruption, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance – all of which are precursors to Alzheimer’s.

⁃ This impacts cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.
4 subtypes
–  Inflammatory.

– Infections.

– Poor diet – glycotoxic Type 1.5 ( high insulin and glucose)

–  ApoE-4 double mutation.
Blood sugar types:

 –  Inflammatory – high homocysteine, hypothyroid, elevated cortisol , low albumin to globulin ratio, display ApoE-4 gene double mutation.
   Atrophic Subtype

⁃ Estrogen

⁃ Testosterone

⁃ Insulin

⁃ Vitamin D
1.5 Glycotoxic Subtype

⁃ Elevated insulin

⁃ Elevated fasting blood sugar

⁃ Elevated cortisol

⁃ Diabetic / pre-diabetic
Toxic Subtype 

⁃ Mold exposure

⁃ Lyme disease

⁃ Heavy metals

⁃ Chemicals (effect gut wall and increase gut permeability leads to massive endotoxemia – a huge load into bloodstream)

⁃ Total toxic load can come from multiple sources.
  Vascular Subtype 

⁃ Vascular insufficiency

⁃ Blood vessel inflammation

⁃ High homocysteine
  Traumatic Subtype 

⁃ Wrestlers, boxers, football players

⁃ Head injuries
Cognitive Decline

⁃ Want to find early symptoms and early stage of disease

⁃ Otherwise very hard to reverse.
Early Markers and early detection.
⁃ Lab work up

⁃ Neuro Quant ( imaging of hippocampus )

⁃ FDG-PET scan.

⁃ Hippocampal volume can be measured and see changes in atrophy.

⁃ Hippocampus plays big role in memory.

⁃ Hypothyroid often a precursor !
Genetic Testing (23AndMe)
– ApoE-4 gene mutation

⁃ Double homozygous ( 50-90% will develop dementia).

⁃ MTHFR gene mutation.
Course of Action
⁃ Hormone testing ( including thyroid)

⁃ Comprehensive metabolic

⁃ Complete blood count

⁃ Copper /Zinc ratios is critical

⁃ Need to raise zinc levels.

⁃ High copper and estrogen a precursor to breast cancer !

⁃ Zinc raises progesterone which can raise estrogens

⁃ Change the estrogen receptors!

⁃ Glucose Testing – fasting glucose and insulin, A1C
Hormone Testing
⁃ Estrogen.

⁃ Free testosterone

⁃ Total testosterone

⁃ Full Thyroid panel

⁃ Albumin and globulin( low ratios is a risk factor)!

⁃ Folic acid

⁃ B vitamins

⁃ Homocysteine
Markets for Biotoxin Illness 
⁃ C4a

⁃ TGF-beta

⁃ MMP-9


⁃ ADH and osmolality

Would indicate mold, Lyme or other toxins
– Best way to detox: activated charcoal

Mast Cell Activation Disorder 
⁃ immunological condition driven by food and environmental toxins in which mast cells excessively release chemical mediators resulting in the following chronic symptoms:
⁃ Abdominal pain

⁃ Dermatographia

⁃ Headache

⁃ Rapid heart beat

⁃ Neuropsychiatric symptoms

⁃ Food sensitivities
The foundation of healthy brain, healthy heart, healthy organs is a healthy microbiome!
Microbiome is the real interface with our environment. It can either protect us from these toxic infections, or it can cause worse symptoms if it’s not in place, it’s like our sentinel army.
Vagus Nerve 

⁃  Super highway from gut to brain.

⁃ Communication  pathway.

⁃ Senses microbiome changes.

⁃ Stimulate it through meditation, deep breathing, thinking and activity.

⁃ All these enhance vagal tone.

⁃ Brain and microbiome in gut influence each other.

⁃ Neuroplasticity affected by the gut microbiome.
Stress and the Micobiome
⁃ Changes composition of microbiome.

⁃ Rebalance through food.

⁃Deal positively with stress

⁃ “Whatever is, is perfect. ”

⁃ Allows you to live in the moment.

⁃ Trigger  for stress = NUTS

⁃ novelty, unpredictability, threat to ego, loss of control.
   Dealing with Stress
⁃ It will come, it’s part of life.

⁃ We are not immune.

⁃ Embrace the stress.

⁃ Find meaning.
Change the Microbiome 

⁃ Food is the core to a healthy microbiome and brain.

⁃ Clean food and water.

⁃ Organic foods are best.

⁃ Fermented foods (if you don’t have histamine issues).

⁃ Chemical and toxin free.