Alzheimer’s Facts 

Alzheimer’s  ⁃ Apo E4 gene – 12x greater risk for Alzheimer’s

⁃ Epigenetics – can change the gene expression through diet and lifestyle so as not to turn on this gene !

⁃ Genes are like hardware of computer

⁃ Lifestyle choices are the software that determine how the gene is expressed. If you have the Alzheimer’s gene you can turn off the gene expression or turn it on !
⁃ Studies show diet high in high glycemic carbs increases the level of beta amyloid plaque

⁃ Healthy fats ( coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, omega 3’s , flax seeds, nuts) reduced it

⁃ Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance increase risk of Alzheimer’s.

⁃ Not all sugar is the same ( processed sugar like high fructose corn syrup vs apple or berries ) in terms of its impact on insulin resistance and thus inflammation.

⁃ Toxic fats ( contain antibiotics and hormones ) found in trans fats and conventional dairy and meat

⁃ Healthy fats ( coconut and olive oil, cold water fish, avocados, nuts and seeds and plant based foods) reduce plaque formation.

⁃ The same dietary strategies apply to preventing all the chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis , Hashimotos, etc.
Important Strategies

⁃ Eat to control blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance is where sugar cannot get into the cells where it needs to go to be converted to energy.

⁃ Eat a rainbow diet ( more colour from fruits and vegetables ) 5 servings / day. High in phytochemicals and anti oxidants

⁃ Ex. Red Kidney beans – high in fiber and high antioxidants

⁃ Consume healthy fats is key to brain health. Monounsaturated fats ( olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds). Long chain omega 3 fats ( 1000mg of EPA and DHA – in fish oil or cold water fish. Medium chain triglycerides ( coconut oil ).
Constipation, depression, brain fog, joint pain and gut issues are all indications of inflammation that is the precursor to Alzheimer’s.
Brain uses 40% of the energy we get from food we eat !

It better be a good source!!
Critical – need to stay hydrated !

1. High potency multivitamin

2. B vitamins

3. Vit D3 5000 IU plus K 2

4. Fish oil 1000-3000 mg omega 3’s

5. Curcumin
Short term memory loss is a function of energy loss in the mitochondria cells. Dimmer switch is turned down !

Boost dimmer switch with 20 mg bio PPQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone ) and 100 mg CoQ10
Key microbes associated with Alzheimer’s

⁃ Herpes Simplex

⁃ Borrelia / Lyme

⁃ Candida

⁃ Fungal infection
Aluminum Toxicity
⁃ Avoid flu vaccines and pharma drugs

⁃ Cosmetics , deodorants, hair products that contain.

⁃ Commercial toothpaste
Charcoal – helps with removing detoxing, reabsorption of toxins

Probiotics – rotate these for gut health.
⁃ Want to increase stem cells circulating in blood.

⁃ Stemdetox product ( detoxes bone marrow )

⁃ Connected to telomere length.
Other programs to support Alzheimer’s prevention.

⁃ calorie restriction

⁃ Intermittent fasting

⁃ Fruit / veggie juicing

⁃ Exercise regularly
We need to focus on the causes ( metal toxicity, inflammation, gut health, etc.) vs symptoms ( beta amyloid plaque) to treat and prevent chronic degenerative disease.