Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

⁃ Has a central nervous system component ( it comes from the brain but originates in the gut).

⁃ Suffers have  many cognitive and mood issue ( difficulty concentrating, mood swings, depression and anxiety).

⁃ The gut seems to be a big player and the use of probiotics play a huge role in corrected these problems ( via the vagus nerve that connects the two).

⁃ Antibiotic use has a strong correlation as it destroys the microbiome.

⁃ Often people with gut dysbiosis will see other symptoms ( celiac disease, hypothyroidism).

⁃ Nonetheless, fatigue is a common problem.

⁃ There’s a great resource by Jo A. Panyko “Probiotics: How To Use Them To Your Advantage”

⁃ The bacteria in our gut directly influence changes in the brain. Balancing the gut flora is critical in treating a disease like CFS.

⁃ Improve the microbiome you correct the brain that influence fatigue.
Chronic Fatigue 
⁃ severe lack of energy.

⁃ extreme exhaustion  and prolonged recovery especially after any activity.

⁃ sleep usually the only answer.

⁃ multi system disease.

⁃ gut microbiome initially was dismissed.

⁃ was once considered psychological !

⁃ used to be treated with cognitive behavioural therapy and physical exercise, with poor results ( again treating symptoms not the underlying cause).

⁃ new research started to shed light on the gut microbiome.

⁃ Renamed SEID ( systemic exertion intolerance disease).

⁃ this highlighted that any emotional, mental or physical exertion led to dysfunction in many organs in the body.

⁃ SEID was then established to be a real physiological illness not just a mental state.

⁃ cognitive impairment and ortho static intolerance were requirements.
Factors Involved
⁃ Often misdiagnosed – often attributed to age, too much stress, weight gain etc…

⁃ Gut dysbiosis the main driver.

⁃ Mitchochondrial dysfunction.

⁃ Impaired bio genetics ( epigenetics).

⁃ Immune and neuroendocrine dysfunction.

⁃ Food and metal toxins ( GMO’s, glyphosate, processed foods, vegetable oils like canola, corn and soybean oil, mercury, lead, aluminum).

⁃ Responses to stress.

⁃ Oxidative stress.
Treatment for CFS 
⁃ brain fog, fatigue, allergies, depression all symptoms !

⁃ awareness needed.

⁃ seek out a functional nutritionist.

⁃ look at gut microbiome.

⁃ gut – brain connection key.

⁃ Gut integrity and permeability also affects leaky blood – brain barrier.

⁃ This allows substances that should not get into brain do damage.

⁃ Probiotics directly impact the health of the gut microbiome, gene expression and the brain.

⁃ This can not be treated with drugs!!

⁃ Need to address gut dysbiosis – an abundance of pathogenic bacteria and build of candida that trigger leaky gut, gut motility, poor nutrient absorption and low levels of key mineral as well ( ex: B vitamins )

⁃ Brain fog could be attributed to poor liver function which is due gut dysbiosis ( a by product of pathogens ).
Leading Causes of CFS
⁃ Gut dysbiosis the key that drives all the following:

⁃ Immune dysfunction

⁃ Infections

⁃ Inflammation
CFS Treatment 

– run tests

⁃ get stool test ( candida, SIBO, lack of lactobacillus)

⁃ Diet analysis ( look at foods you eat : processed foods, GMO’s refined sugars etc ).

⁃ Probiotics should be tailored you to your needs

⁃ Look at conditions like allergies, auto immune disease to determine what strains are needed

⁃ Certain probiotics treat certain conditions – best to get tested. It can be confusing as to what probiotic works best.

⁃ start with kimichi, sauerkraut or kefir to see if symptoms improve !

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