Adrenal Health 

Adrenals  ⁃ Crank out 57 hormones

⁃ Govern blood sugar, circadian rhythms, inflammation and immune system.

⁃ Cortisol cycle govern many other rhythms.

⁃ Adrenal function impact sleep ( crash at 2-3 pm in afternoon or wake at 3am with racing mind ) this indicates adrenal dysfunction.

⁃ A certain time is the distinguishing factor!

⁃ Addisons Disease – adrenals cannot make cortisol!

⁃ Adrenal Fatigue – not the same.

⁃ food ( GMO’s , processed foods)

⁃ Environmental toxins

⁃ Noise pollution

⁃ Stress

⁃ Blood sugar issue connection.

⁃ Physically exhausted

⁃ Mentally over loaded
Adrenal Reset Diet

⁃ organic foods

⁃ eliminate GMO’s , processed sugars

⁃ Cortisol influences blood sugar ( so skipping meals and not getting enough carbs can drive cortisol levels up)

⁃ Missing breakfast is a factor.

⁃ More fats and proteins in am.

⁃ Need some healthy carbs in evening.

⁃ Need some glucose production ( 80/20 carbs / protein).
Higher Fiber to fructose ratio is important !

⁃ beans

⁃ lentils

⁃ white beans ( resistance starch)

⁃ Bacteria in gut will adapt when you introduce low daily amounts to start !
Resistance Starches are great for regulating blood sugar!
⁃ Blood sugar crashes right before people wake.

⁃ Cortisol levels are spiking when they should be low.
Exercise Role

⁃ avoid over training leads to insomnia !

⁃ Regular exercise helps stabilize blood sugar and cortisol.

⁃ look at thyroid

⁃ blood sugar and anemia issues.

⁃ Salivary cortisol rhythm tests.
Good to have a routine

⁃ sleep and wake at same times

⁃ Eat small amounts of carbs at night to stabilize blood sugar.

⁃ Exercise daily.

⁃ Avoid sleep aids

⁃ Gut health is important