Optimizing Energy

  1. Physical energy is really the integration of mind, body and soul. It’s the expression of how all our systems work to allow us to function optimally. Our energy is driven by the interaction of internal and external forces. It’s how we take in and process information and stimuli.

We are a ever-changing dynamic entity. Our neurological , digestive, metabolic, hormonal and immune systems work together to define our physical being.

Our inherited genes really only tell part of the story. Thanks to the science of epigenetics – we now can turn on or off specific genes and, by this, reshape our destiny.

We might not be able to change our chronological age but we certainly can change our biological age !

Healthy eating, regular exercise, good sleep and managing our stress levels all influence our gene expression

We are a network of cells, neurons, microbes, muscles and connective tissue. When these components are in harmony and balanced we function optimally. When this balance is disturbed we experience illness and disease.

2. The gut is the home of trillions of microbes that drive our immune system. We are in fact more microbial than human ! The gut and brain are also connected by a bi- directional pathway. Hippocrates said “ All disease begins in the gut.” So a healthy gut allows for a healthy physiology. Leaky gut – a compromised intestinal lining driven by food and chemical toxins as well as high stress levels – might be the single biggest contributor to many chronic degenerative diseases – including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and many auto immune diseases. Gut dysfunction drives toxicity in the body and brain.

Recovery and rest are as, if not more, important to our physiology than how we stimulate our bodies via exercise ( interval training or endurance training ). In order to optimize the benefits of exercise its vital too not only train properly but too feed our bodies with good energy but also getting proper rest and restorative sleep. Truth be told, it’s during our sleep where growth hormone is released and how toxins in the brain and body are removed. Sleep might be the single most important part of our existence that is the bedrock of healthy aging and longevity.

3. Regulating blood sugar levels is vital to helping regulate cortisol and melatonin. Omega 3 fats are very ⁃ supportive ( improve neural health and builds resilience to stress). Sound bedtime rituals ( no electronics, dark and cool environment, stop eating at least 2 hrs before bedtime. Going to sleep and waking at a regular time. Early morning exposure to daylight/ sunlight. Practice and express gratitude before sleep and when you wake! We need to build and maintain healthy circadian rhythms. Many of our bio rhythms are tied to the circadian pattern - hormone release ( cortisol and melatonin), eating habits and digestion, body temp regulation. Light is the main driver of the circadian clock. Exercise is also critical to our circadian rhythms by boosting melatonin.

4. We are the products of our thoughts and beliefs. A positive mindset and approach to life drives optimal outcomes. The reverse is true for a negative mindset. The quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of the decisions we make.

We are dynamic biological systems that are heavily influenced by our bio / circadian rhythms. Energy is produced at a cellular level in our mitochondria where oxygen and ATP work together to drive our physiology. For this to work optimally we must find a balanced bio / circadian rhythm that is influenced by our thoughts and beliefs, our nutritional, exercise, sleep and stress management practices ! The human body produces complex electrical activity in several different types of cells, including neurons, endocrine and muscle cells – all called excitable cells. As all electricity does, this activity also creates a magnetic field. The body’s electrical activity happens primarily in the cell membrane.

The mind- body- soul connection is the essence our existence. As mentioned earlier, we are the products of our thoughts, beliefs and actions. We need to stimulate and challenge our mind and body and establish a spiritual practice ( gratitude, deep breathing and mindfulness).

5. The body behaves like a battery – it will wear out over time if it’s not recharged. It needs quiet time which should occur during sleep but needs occasional day time down time. This is where meditation and mindfulness come into play. The mind, body and soul are quieted so they recover from all the demands that we place on them.

6. Healthy eating helps in re-balancing our systems. As mentioned earlier, the health of our gut flora directly impacts our brain and neurochemistry.Start a mindfulness practice that includes: gratitude work, deep breathing, meditation, yoga / tai chi ⁃ Remove processed and refined sugars and carbs. Eat more healthy fats (cold water fish, avocados, flax and chia seeds, grass fed beef and organic veggies / fruits. ⁃ Drink filtered water ⁃ Limit alcohol intake ⁃ Vary your exercise ( mix in interval training, aerobic conditioning, strength and flexibility training). Don’t be a slave to the gym - get outdoors. ⁃ Build healthy personal relationships. Spend more time with people you admire and can learn from ⁃ Create a healthy sleep / home environment ⁃ Devise stress management techniques that work for you. ⁃ Spend less time on your devices and engage more in person to person dialogue.