Becoming An Independent Thinker

When I look at the world we are living in I am trying to wrap my mind around not just what’s happening here at home – the rise of political violence, the ongoing gun problem that is unique to this country, the run away inflation ( which will come down), climate denial and health care crises, much of which is self inflicted but also the real global challenges we face. What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world are you creating for yourself?

All real change begins with self accountability and responsibility. So often I hear people talk about issues that concern them – politics, climate, gun violence, health care, inflation etc. But what are you doing for your part to a make a difference?

Here at home we are constantly reminded about the reality of climate change. This phenomenon is becoming apparent elsewhere. Highest temps ever seen in Europe. Wildfires everywhere. Many are without AC -114 degrees in Spain, Portugal and France – this isn’t normal. Climatologists are clear this will become the new normal. But let’s just denounce climate science and ignore the potential irreversible damage. Climate denial has many origins. Denial of many areas of science is driven largely by disinformation and an individual’s choice to not think globally. Regrettably, confirmation bias plays a huge part in this. Once you have been swayed or convinced you look for and seek out anything that confirms this belief. Denial of climate science has parallels with other examples of narrow mindedness.

If you live in an echo chamber where information is obtained and reinforced by self serving sources (algorithmic engineered social media) that deliver false facts this can soon become your reality. Striving to get your own facts and challenge these viewpoints is the only way to see a different perspective.

We all know that a diet of refined sugars and trans fats leads to inflammation based chronic degenerative disease. Despite the individual choice to make the simple changes many chose to disregard the data and science collectively adding to an extraordinary stress on our economic and health care system. Just like the pharma industry that bombards us with ads combined with the medical profession that pushes drugs to treat symptoms and not get to the true underlying cause, we are becoming victims of self inflicted ignorance.

The food, drug and oil and gas industry behave similarly. They are self serving and powerful industries that control our thinking and actions. If you want to live a healthier life for yourself and family you need educate yourself on better alternatives.

At the very least you can choose to eat better. You can adopt a healthier lifestyle that minimizes your reliance on drugs and you can opt to reduce your carbon footprint. Change begins with the individual. You have a choice to be either part of the problem or part of the solution.