Fitness and Training Facts

1.Mind-Body :
Using positive visualization ( seeing your efforts producing positive results) and guided imagery
( a visual guide and actual steps) helps an individual in reaching their desired goal.- Striving and reaching your true potential takes drive and commitment.- Not every road is paved smoothly. Expect some roadblocks and detours during your journey to becoming fit and balanced.

– Learn from your mistakes and address your weaknesses. Life is a growth and learning process.

– Pick your desired outcome and then determine the process that best helps you reach your destination.

– Enjoy the process not just the end result.

2. Fitness Facts:

– Cross Training is the best approach to creating a well-rounded fitness program that yields the best results.

– Cross training helps to minimize injury and reduce boredom.

– Strength training is as important as aerobic training in building a strong and resilient body. It significantly improves your overall energy, posture, metabolic function, reduces chance of injury, and thus improving longevity and quality of life.

– It is important to train at different intensity levels. High intensity training whether it involves, speed work on the track, on the bike, in the pool, doing explosive movements such as plyometrics, agility or medicine ball activities, should also be included once the athlete has a solid fitness base and is being supervised. High intensity training is always done in short intervals, followed by appropriate rest intervals. It is only a supplement to your other aerobic and strength training.

– Focusing on your day to day or life problems during intense exercise can cause a significant spike in stress hormones ( cortisol or norepinephrine). When you engage in both, the levels of stress hormones skyrocket over time. Repeated spikes increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Instead , focus on your breathing and surroundings. Try to empty your mind so that you will be refreshed and ready to deal with new challenges.

– Recovery from training is crucial to maintaining your efforts in reaching your specific fitness goals. The harder you train the more you need to recover. Replenishing your body with a 4:1 ratio of carbs/protein is vital.

– Nutritional recovery needs to happen within 90 minutes of training. Drinking caffeine along with your recovery meal refuels your muscles faster, by triggering an increase in blood glucose and insulin levels, thus helping the muscles store glucose as glycogen. Glycogen is how we store energy in our muscles. If it is too depleted and not restored, our bodies cannot function optimally. Endurance athletes know all to well when this happens – otherwise known as bonking or hitting the wall.

3. Health Facts:

– Exercise is essential to our blood supply. Oxygen which is vital for life function is carried by the blood via hemoglobin. Aerobic exercise which strengthens our heart function ( blood volume and cardiac output) is crucial to getting the much needed oxygen to all the vital areas of the body
( brain, major organs, muscles, and various tissues). Exercise in fact not only helps to ensure a healthy blood supply but it reduces the onset of atherosclerosis which increases the risk of heart disease.

– Thicker ( more viscous) blood can also increase the risk of diabetes. Slow flowing blood may delay the delivery of insulin to cells, raising blood sugar and fooling the pancreas into producing more insulin. Overtime, the pancreas is unable to keep up with demand, leading to diabetes.

– Herbs and spices may fight the hazards of high blood sugar. Some spices have anti-oxidant properties ( ex: cinnamon and Jamaican Allspice) block glycation – where blood sugar binds to proteins such as hemoglobin. Glycation can trigger an immune attack.

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