Medical Reasons To Exercise

1. Exercise helps keep arteries flexible and malleable for heart disease and heart attack prevention.
2. Weight reduction can reduce blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides and total cholesterol – all contributors to heart disease.
3. Exercise inhibits growth of midsection fat, which contributes to diabetes. This belly fat is also linked to damaged blood vessels, heart disease, liver disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
4. Exercise is a drug-free anti-depressant.

5. Exercise in a group or at the gym can improve your social life – which has been shown to improve general happiness.

6.Strength training improves bone density, which helps to prevent osteoporosis.

7. Core training and core stability leads to greater functional strength which helps protect the body against injuries during activities of daily living, and leads to higher levels of sports performance.

8. A combination of both aerobic and strength training enhances metabolic function and thus improves weight management.

9. High- intensity interval training combined with adequate recovery periods is more effective than steady state aerobic training ( moderate- intensity continuous training) for fat loss. Both types do improve respiratory and cardiovascular function.

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